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Requests, trades and commissions here!

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Hi there! May I ask submit a request? *pokes my sig* The boys' refs are in there. ^.^
Not picky on the pose. But I do need more pics of Beta.
If you have trouble finding what you need, I can give you direct links. *noddles*


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here's a challenge for ya

I want an Age Regression Sequence/comic of all of The Cattanooga Cats (Country, Kitty Jo, Scoots and Groove) regressing to kids (preferably either 5 or 7 yrs. old)

if you are familiar with the cartoon know who they are

A story for the sequence will go something like this: The Cattanooga Cats go to Florida on a vacation and they got lost in a forest. 5 hours of walking in the forest they found the legendary fountain of youth but, a twig tripped them all into the fountain of youth however, the fountain have no effect on them but an hour later their clothes starting to get baggy and they decided to run back to the gas hopper and every hour prior reaching back to their bus they get younger and younger and their clothes get looser and looser until they don't fit on them anymore (Country's Hat [along with Scoots'] and their hankerchiefs on their necks stay intact throughout the process) but, when they returned to their bus they saw it's kinda big for them as they are now (5 or 7) yr. old children. as luck would have it a anthro kangaroo named Tim saw the Cats' clothes fueling his thought that they are lost and nude.. he ran to the rescue. when he saw the gas hopper and teeny tim, he discovered something strange... the Cats are now kids. Country woke up to find Tim at their site, Country told Tim what happened to them after the story was told Tim became their Nanny and a true friendship began, as for the Cats they aren't sad that their kids again as Scoots said "at least we're not becoming irritating hipsters" and Country agrees and they laughed.

references for those whom are less knowlegeable
Tim Kangaroo [(c) Timothy Fay]: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~fayxx001/bin/tkrc2.gif

Model Sheets
Country: http://img237.imageshack.us/img237/7017/8f1fvc4.jpg
Kitty Jo: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/4504/5c6dxh7.jpg
Scoots: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/885/2edbuk4.jpg
Groove: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/7690/5c4fmv7.jpg
Gas Hopper: http://img140.imageshack.us/img140/2140/7401fy0.jpg
Teeny Tim: http://img329.imageshack.us/img329/4190/c64cvz0.jpg

the cats in color

here's a visual reference of the cats themselves in action


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@SilencedEmotions: So you want gay smut? :p

@CyberFox: Woah woah, a comic? I'm sorry but I'm not the kind of guy to draw comics :/ I should've been clear about that. *edits first message*
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Think you could do something of Luna?
Her pics are literally all over my page. My link is in my sig.


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If you wouldn't mind, could you do one for me?

Just a quick head/upper body shot would be fine.

Some ref info:

Species: Lynx (see avatar pic)
Sex: Male
Height: about 6ft
Build: average
@SilencedEmotions: So you want gay smut? :p

Smut? I dun care. lol. Whatever you feel like drawing. Innocent, cute, filthy rotten sex. I'm not picky. *waggles tail*. But, if you draw Beta doing any sort of sex thing, he's like, uber shy. lol.


I'm a littile tied up atm


The Kaotic Kitsune
hmm, think you'd be able to work on a character I don't have a referance picture of? You can feel free you work on her design however you interprit it based on the description.
Bethany the Biolizard
I noticed your Sonic work so you may have an idea for this. She's based on the Bio Lizard from Sonic Adventure 2, but with a few Black Arms traits.

Not overly slender and not exactly a 'sexy' body either. Anything you can do would be much appritiated if you choose to take this ','


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Yeah uh, sorry I haven't posted/pm'd anyone yet with the pic, I've been kinda procrastinating and I'm somewhat in an art block BUT I'll get these things done soon enough :3


Dresden the Skunk!
Hey. Haven't had my fursona drawn yet, and i'd love it if you had the time to sketch it out. I'm a male skunk, mostly all black fur. A green mohawk (Fairly long) that I keep combed down and off to the side. I've got several piercings in each ear. As for clothes, well thats entirely up to you. I normally dress in typical 'punk' attire, and wear hoodies coverred in spikes/patches/etc. I'd really appreciate if you found the time to draw me :3 The pic can be clean, dirty, somewhere in between.


Wrenchnin of Rapture
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You could do a single picture of Robin Hood and Maid Marian regressed as kids playing with their kids in their loose and baggy clothes (along with their footware)

detail: They wore the same clothes they wore in the film and they were the same ages as they were in the film, in spite of this taking place years after the film's finale

the story: The story takes place years after the film where Robin Hood and Maid Marian (they are the ages as they were in the film) got kids (with Skippy watching them), They miss being kids and they got turned into kids (via F.O.Y Water raining on them or Magically via a wish from both Robin Hood and Maid Marian) [this is where the process and the part where their clothes get loose and baggy comes in] after the process they happily hugged and played in their now loose and baggy clothes (along with their footwear) with their kids leaving Skippy (whom swore to take care of their kids at their wedding) slightly puzzled but the now regressed Robin and Marian don't mind and they lived happily ever after

as for how young they should be, let's say the same height as Skippy was in the animated film
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If you're still doing requests, I don't suppose you could draw my kangaroo in a naughty pose? Basically, he's got his butt facing the screen, bent over with his tail lifted high, showing his hole and large balls to the screen. He's also looking over the shoulder and grinning at the screen.

Would be awesome for me if this was drawn, it'd mean alot to me :D if you want any more specific details, I'd be happy to PM you them.
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