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Requests/trades open!


Just another
Hey there guys! So it's been ages but I have RETURNED! And I'm once again going to attempt to spend a reasonable amount of time improving my art (things like moving and becoming an adult got in the way, haha!)

That having been said, I'm happy to open up for requests again!
It's been a long while since I've drawn anything, but my old gallery is here:
Userpage of 11sharn11 -- Fur Affinity [dot] net

One of the newer pieces I've done is here:

A few rules:
- Top priority will be given to trades!
- Secondary priority will be given to new requesters/people without much character art!
- Tertiary priority will be given to those whom I so choose because I make the decisions around here, bucko! (Ohohoh)

I can't say exactly what'll come out when you post a reference (I CAN work off detailed written references, but they must be detailed!) but it'll range from a sketch, a headshot, a bust, to maybe even a full body!

If you're up for a trade, fantastic! My characters are here:
11Sharn11 on Toyhouse
and I'd love to see some art of some of the lesser characters (i.e. not Wolfsiege or Sharn!)

Have a good one, everybody! :D


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Hi there I'm pretty new here but I've just sorted out my first Fursona Trojan:
www.furaffinity.net: Trojan reference - My Fursona by TrojanDog

I'm not very good at drawing so I hope it's okay if I make a request? Your art is very cute ^^ I love it ❤️
I don't have any art of him yet but I would love to see him drawn (my dream is to have him drawn with my love Amatiel but any would be great)

Thank you for the oppurtunity ^^


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