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"Rescuing" animals is not a glorious job


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So two days ago I found a dog at the park on a weekday, it was pretty vacant and I figured I'd find a public access spot to kick back for a bit because I was waaaay early for work. The dog was scared, and I couldn't even approach it. Using "dog language" I passed by it several times, but not too close and didnt make any eye contact. Luckily I also had extra french fries from burger king to feed him. He passed by me several times while my back was turned. Finally, he ventured close enough to allow me to stick my hand towards him, kneeling in front of him, and he laid his head on my palms.

It was wonderful! I didn't anticipate it at first, I figured I would feed the dog and leave, but as soon as he laid his head in my hands I knew I needed to find him a home right away! I took off my belt as a makeshift leash and led him to my car.

Now, the last time I found a stray, it was a healthy (albeit flea infested) pom, whose owner picked it up same day.

This dog unfortunately was very hungry and thirsty, flea infested, and had sores on his leg. if he had owners he's been quite lost.

It's a nice feeling picking up a stray and taking it somewhere safe. Unfortunately I do not personally have a home to keep him. If I did he would be mine in a heartbeat.

I figured it'd be a simple fix, drop him off at the shelter for awhile, find a no kill shelter, drop him there.

Instead, I learned the local shelter only does intakes for three days. THREE DAYS. The majority of animals get euthanized after that. It's kind of sad in the end, for a stray it's a toss up between suffering scared and alone on the street, or a quick peaceful sleep. I imagine a lot of naive people drop off strays at that particular shelter expecting them to stay, but most of them die.

As it turns out, here at least, admitting an animal to a no-kill shelter is really hard. They are all mostly full, because people don't adopt dogs as quickly as they come. And what do you know? The minute some go out, there's plenty more to take their place. I'm a little disheartened at my unofficial dog, Domino's, prospects of making it in there.

I have contacted my local SPCA, hoping they'll get back to me before Saturday, I work on Saturday so if they end up not being able to do an intake, he isn't going to make it.

After I picked him up, the grisly reality occurred to me, most strays don't get rescued. In fact, dropping him off at the shelter for me only offered to buy me a little more time to figure out what I can do with him. So far my options are A) See if the SPCA will take him (not too likely), B) Pay someone to foster him (I'm doing that with my cats now, and referred the same person and they said they'd be fine with it, though I'm low on funds myself so I don't know how long I can do that, this might just buy me more time), C) Release him back into the "wild", though this time in a secret place at my local park, do a Shiloh and give him shelter, food, and water and visit him occassionally (Perhaps a somewhat better option than him being lost and hungry? Or dead?) or D) Instead of the local shelter euthanizing him, I'd take him to a vet clinic and stay beside him as he gets euthanized (My absolute last resort).

I think he has a decent chance of getting adopted, he's a shepherd mix with a cute pitbull face. He's got an excellent personality and his very calm, quiet, and affectionate. Whoever had him (assuming his owners still want him), seemed to train him to go outside.

This kind of thing makes my heart hurt. I very much want to find a way to keep him alive and give him a home, even if I'm not the home, because he's such a good dog.

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It's not only them abandoning him. My cat went off for 3 days and came back after being hit by a car, really badly. I'm not saying that the dog got hit by a car too, but mine couldn't find his way back home.


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Can you post pictures - and would you be willing to drive a few hours?

I may be able to take him, so long as he can "pass" as a non-pitbull (impossible to rent with pits where I am)


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For every cat/dog owned, there is a stray on the streets. We have a problem with strays; There's too many of them.

Everything from having been abandoned by their owners to escaping imprisonment in their previous home to having been forgotten by their owners at the time and they can't find them again, and can't be assed to put up ads.

Like with kids, there are a lot of people who don't deserve our furred companions/friends. Because they treat their kids/pets like complete and utter crap. And it's insulting to watch, as some people continue to treat their kids/pets like crap, and not have some sort of license pulled. IMO, you should have some sort of unofficial license or something when you get kids/pets. And have it revoked if found out you are not treating them properly. I have no words for people who treat their kids/pets like shit.

Over Discord I see some people having taken in a stray pet abandoned by their owners. Sometimes see a video with them, too, and it's heartwarming to watch.

If I could have a pet in my current apartment, you bet your ass I'd love to have one.


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Can you post pictures - and would you be willing to drive a few hours?

I may be able to take him, so long as he can "pass" as a non-pitbull (impossible to rent with pits where I am)

Dude, I would absolutely love that...I wasn't expecting that sort of response.

If you don't live super far I would make the drive.

He's not too pit, just has a broad muzzle, forehead, and big eyes, probably just the "puppy face" I was referring to

PM me if you're remotely serious.


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A small update?

I'm giving the SPCA by 3 to get in touch, after that I'm going to go pick him up and figure out what to do next


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Ugh that just sucks man, he's such a beautiful dog. I commend you for all the work you're doing to save him. Please keep us updated!


ive helped stray's before my little Mishka (husky) was a stray the thing that annoys me is the reputation staffy's and pit bulls get they're not vicious like people think they are the most living needy dogs its the owners that are the problem

i'm good with dogs (and animals in general i hate cats but they're drawn to me) so picking strays up isn't a problem the only one was Mishka i had to follow her around for hours before going in to make my move i quickly grabbed her and tied rope around her neck she yelped and tried to get out but she mouthed me rather than bite which was very telling of her personality and how much she trusted me after a few hours


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Alright so since some of you were asking for an update, and mainly because it gives me peace of mind to keep following up on progress with him until it's resolved, here's some more news:

I picked him up from the animal shelter today, and after I picked him up I went straight to the dog park since I wanted to test more how he is with other dogs. He's very friendly and I didn't get a hint of aggression out of him near any of the dogs, which is good for his chances of adoptability. Though I did get an email response from the SPCA saying they were more concerned about how he'd act in a home with other dogs (most their dogs act differently in a home environment) I trust him though and hope to figure that out soon.

Anyways, I spent a good bit of the day with him. He's very sweet and lays his head on my shoulder, or his arms over my shoulder for a "hug", or generally sticks close to me like when he's surrounded by other dogs or in an unfamiliar place.

Anyways, well after all that I took him to a "foster", which I don't like much. I paid these people to hold my cats while I moved and they couldn't even regularly clean out the litterbox. As a last minute I contacted them again to take him in though I want him moved to a better place very soon. I'm contacting all the local pet sitters here seeing if they can take him for awhile and find someone better.

My next step is continuing to contact these rescue groups and make a ton of individual flyers to put out in places of interest and local pet care companies.

...I'm also hoping I get a job as a kennel tech again in addition to my current job, as a job benefit they usually let you bring your animals to work, but that's a long shot

Some more pics of recent events:

h ttp://m.imgur.com/a/Er4as


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Great news today on eclipse day 2017! (here in the US)

This morning I already had plans so I couldnt go full-on eclipse watching (I managed to glance on and off at the sun a few times to check it outl

Those plans involved visiting the dog in the shelter and asking about the details of picking him up again, in case I needed to. I figured out I could drop him off at my parent's place in Texas. If they were able to keep him for two years, and if he doesnt find a place by then, then I would take him home, finally.

Better news though, I walked in that day, and as it turns out they had an adoption event on Saturday, and he got adopted! I'm actually extremely relieved that someone found him as sweet and wonderful as I did and was able to bring him home. I couldnt be more relieved.

...although part of me feels that since she said the shelter was "cleared out for adoption", that cleared out couldve also meant getting rid of dogs, so I have this vague feeling that maybe the lady who told me he was adopted couldve just told me to spare my feeling. Though I think it's more likely she's telling the truth.

Shoutout to @surma_blackdog for attempting to help me as well, I appreciate the offer a whole lot when I was stressed about finding a place for him.

To everyone else thanks for letting me dump words onto the internet and hearing out my plight, I guess?

But yes, Im so glad this ended well after all!

This thread can now die in peace, haha!


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I just read through all of this.

Thank you for sticking through to help this dog OP! It's very generous of you to go through all that effort to help this doggo. I'm glad it ended happily.

That's it, just wanted to stop by to quickly say that.