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(Commission) Selling: ($35+) Reserving the c to sell after finalizing


I'm selling an oc that I'm doing, the point is that it's not finished yet, so I'm wondering if anyone wants to book it. I'm looking to sell it right after it's finished and would like to keep in touch with interested parties, that's enough time for you to raise the money you need to buy it.

The character is a crossbred Doberman with Pincher, and therefore his bearing is much smaller than a pedigree Dobberman. If interested, call me on FA (same username), Discord (Nekoripa#2903), Tumblr (Blue Slowspider) or my Telegram (Blue Slowspider)

I will be available, the amount to be saved to buy the OC after it is ready is 30 but if you think the OC will be worth more, you can give more without any problems, you only pay after it is ready.

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