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reset connection


anybody getting the "problem loading page" dialog? its happening to me a few times and i'm not sure what's happening.:(


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Yup, cant rech the page too, no idea whats up with that.
Yeah, me too. I was worried because it usually says the site is down. It says "Internet Explorer cannot display this page" for all you IE users, right? I hope it isn't just me! I can get on every other site I'm usually on...


Cannot find "http://www.furaffinity.net/user/dracoguard/"

DNS Error - Server cannot be found

thats what i get, thats why i registered here.


Same. I rarely come to the forums, unless there's a problem, so that's why I'm here. I was hoping to find a post by an admin saying the site will be back up soon.... :]

Guess I'll have to go do real-life stuff for awhile. :[


I get "The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading." The mainsite is down, Likely the server has gone down or has had A power failure.


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Yep, I can't get to FA either, I also keep getting the "problem loading page" button. First thing I thought of when I woke up is, "it would suck if FA wouldn't load today."

lol Pretty sad FA is the *first* thing I think of when I wake up, but I want to finish a commission and I sent the client a note through FA and I need his info before I paint. :)

*kicks FA... is getting way too tired of it crashing for whatever reason....*


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it's good to know that I'm not the only one having problems. @_@;;


Awright, who was fapping? Everyone knows that whenever you *fapfapfap*, God kills the server... ;D


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I wonder why this site out of *some* that I go to, always unexpectedly crashes...Unless thhey are resetting the connection *shot*
Yea this sucks a good bit, I finally got some time to work on commissions and trades and such and well CANT GET TO MY REFS D:

Well they will do something eventually.....eventually


gets it stuck between things
thank god i just bought Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the DS or i'd have to open some folders and "kill some servers".

instead i can multiplayer on my own. alone. in my room.

okay now i'm depressed. come back FA!!!


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Hey maybe I'll actually get my butt into gear and clean my apartment while it's down..... or I'll just go play WoW.

Hope it's back up soon, sucks when Safari states it can't even find the server.


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FA goes down more often than Krystal because it is a top one thousand sight in traffic but not in finances, tech staff (all part time volunteers who have to make an RL living), or equipment.


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Usually, there is something on the "site status" forum when FA goes down.

Do the admins know the site is down?


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I am a bit alarmed by one thing, and I don't mean FA being broken yet again. When I clicked on my FA personal page bookmark, I got the all too frequent "Unable to connect" message. I tried again, and I got through to my page. What alarms me is that I'm logged in. I'm darn sure that I logged out last night before going to bed. I did NOT log in this morning. My home page looks normal, but none of the Submissions, Comments, PMs, etc. links worked except the one to these forums. Its a WTF morning.


Dang, thats a pain. Lately it seems that FA has been getting slower and slower. I guess the demand on the server is getting to be a bit much.

But dang, i was really hoping to rub out a lot of those avatar requests that have been pilling up. Guess ill have to do work on some commissions and private projects till it gets back up.

I need to start donating to the site more often.


2+ hours and counting and the mainsite is still not responding at all, Whatever happened I have the felling it's something major that has gone wrong:(


gets it stuck between things
it'll be fine.

and if not we'll just start a new FA right on top of 4chan.


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I'm getting it here too. Looks like the server got hosed hard and needs some personal lovin' just to get it back up again.

Ether that, or Viagra.