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reset connection


New Member
A bit of an upside: I am getting an error message from FA now, rather than the general one from Firefox.

Is the end in sight?


New Member
Probably. Question is how long before that occurs. Well, I have other things to do right now so I can wait.


Except that the forums seem to be dying.


Chibi Chubbeh Draggie
it's baaa~ck... x3 I lurve you mods~~ You wub us so much that you got FA back up!!


Lazy-ass Drygerskunk
yak said:
Actually, what I need is a couple of thousand dollars to buy all this stuff. Lacking that, I work with what I've got.
As for the UPSs, I always lived with an impression that any colo should not only have it's own backup generator, but also at least a room full of batteries to keep all the servers from instantly crashing every time a janitor woman cleans the room. That's why it's called the colo, and not the dark corner of my garage.

Damn, which Colo is that so I can avoid it? We need another donation campaign then: "DONATE! Because our ISP sucks."