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Resin rabbit base?

So I really want to make a semi realistic jackalope, here is the problem. I wanted to use a resin base, but cannot find one for a rabbits head. I have contemplated using a wolf/dog base and try adding foam to change the shape, maybe a feline would be better for this? I do not want the eyes on the side of the head like a realistic rabbit as it would affect the vision.. and quite frankly it looks creepy 0.o
I could do foam, yes, but I want a fully articulate jaw and foam doesn't move as solidly as resin does.
I cannot make my own form as I do not have enough time as I'm going to school full time right now. Has anyone used resin as a rabbit head base before? Or had luck with fully articulate foam moving jaws(I WILL NOT use plastic canvas) My plan is to have a steam punk jackalope to wear to ren fairs and cons.