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Restart and renew

Jay Snow

New Member
To start, this is not my first time making a intro topic. but I feel that it is needed under the circumstances.

So, Hey furs. I'm Jay Snow. I had been living in the farm country of Ohio. growing up on horse farms and otherwise living a sheltered life. But that has all changed. Since the beginning of this month I now call Cali my home! ^_^
So yay. Great times so far. Rural Ohio had no real furry community. I did not even realize I was a fur until I found "Fur-Piled" and joined them.

Enough "Exposition" though. I'm a Timber wolf. I now live on the outskirts of San Diego with some housemates (also furs). I know very little about the people in the fandom. ( major names that most furs would know). I don't draw or write, but I do try once in a blue moon. I love seeing what others do and then comment on their work. I do sing, but I don't write my own music, so I see no point in recording anything and putting it up since it's just someone else's work. I love the idea of fursuiting, and since I moved out to the west coast I did finally get to try it out. I still love it and can't wait to get my own. Other than all of that there is not much to me. growing up on horse farms and stables. I have a strong love and respect for equines. Grooming a horse is better than riding one in my eyes.

OK. I guess that is it. oh yah. this past year i got to go to my first furcon, Fur Fright rocked and I finally got to meet FlareStarFire in person. (equine mucisain) didn't really meet all that many people since I was pretty shy, but I am getting better at not doing that. . . . . I am just really happy to finally be out here and have a sense of being somewhat surrounded by the community.

If there was anything I for got to say, just ask. . . ..

oh yah. I forgot to say. I am a dancer. ballet, jazz, modern. . . I want to learn hiphop, and would be alot of fun to learn the basics in something like bellydancing, or pole. :grin::grin:. Just for the fun of it, and great way to stay in shape.

Jay Snow

New Member
Welcome Jay! Seems like a big transition from ohio to cali but im sure you will have alot of fun. Speaking of which, it is so refreshing to see a male dancer! <3

It has been a big change, but I do enjoy it. minus the change in climate and pollution int he air is bothering me. I still love it out here though. I am sure there are other male dancers out there, I just wish I could find them. thanks though. *hugs*