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Restaurants - What would you want?

ah, my place? My place would be the best restaurant ever. I plan on opening one at some point in my life, right now I'm a culinary student.

My place will be the best because it will also have a micro brewery in it. Hell yes, fresh endless ammounts of BEER! The food will not be super fancy and sophisticated but more like nice comfort food. Burgers, steaks, fresh fish and game, and somewhat frequent menu roations to keep people coming back to try new things. Friendly (but not over) staff, hot good food, interesting ambiance, a full bar, and just be a place where everyone knows the regulars and wants to get to know new people.

I can picture the place, an old factory brick building with glass in the floors and open views of the brewery downstairs. WHere to put it now... Hmm, I dunno defiantly nar downtown in some nice city like Baltimore or Phili.

Yea... and of course I'd make it fur friendly ^.=.^
Really give your sauce/cheese character. Too many places taste bland in my experience. And don't be afraid to have two or three sauces! Would be neat to have a tangy, sweet, or spicy sauce!

The crust gets too much focus at times >:c