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Main Site Retract Sent Notes?


Is there any way to withdraw a note that has already been sent? I've noticed trashing it removes the unread icon as long as it's in my trash bin, is this effectively the same thing or is it just taking it out of my outbox?

Assuming not, this would make for a convenient feature if possible.

I've sent an artist a note asking about an interest in a potential commission, but it has been left unopened for the past week. If she's too busy to check her inbox, she's gonna be way too busy to take on a commission on the side. Rather than leaving it there for her to see in a month and maybe be disappointed at missing out on some extra money or whatever, it'd be better and cleaner to simply withdraw the note once I am able to find another artist. Plus it'd be kinda awkward if in a few weeks I got a reply and had to say I already hired someone else.


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I like this idea because I've also messed up on usernames in the past, and ended up sending notes to the wrong person... XD

I doubt it'll be possible. But I can dream~


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A workaround for @Punji is to state expiry dates to your commission enquiries.

e.g. 'I am looking to commission a piece of art by the 19th of July,'

No changes to the way the system works required.