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(Base/YCH) Selling: Retro-style and swimsuit pinup YCH's [30-80$]


nose-bleeding disaster
Need some neat retro anime vibes ? Want to cruise in a cool ride next to a neon city ? Search no further !

• This YCH is 80 $, one slot only ! (if you allow me to reuse the car/ background for me to make into a poster for my redbubble , it'll be discounted to 70 $ ;) )
• Your character will be fully shaded in the style of the picture.
• I will need a reference/picture of your character ! Any character roughly sharing the anatomy of the example is fine !
• Haircut can be changed, you can add accessories, clothes will be arranged to match your character.
• If you want, i can add typography, or fun 80s elements (like the ones quickly sketched) to your liking.

Don't be shy to ask questions if you want to know something else ♥

You can claim it here or on FA if you prefer :)
www.furaffinity.net: 80's Anime YCH [OPEN 80 $] by Renneon

Also these YCH's have been discounted : 5$ less, AND a more detailed style !
you'll find more details, and separate pics of each character in this journal

• you're free to choose the outfit colors, and snowboard pattern on this YCH too ! I'll choose what goes well with your character if you Don't have a precise idea !

SLOT 1 (big cat) is on HOLD
SLOT 2 and 3 (herbivore and canine) are open !

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4-tailed kitsune


4-tailed kitsune
Can I PM you here? I like the notices here better.