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Retro/Vintage Furry Comic Recommendations?

Kosmo Kittypup

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hey, as someone who has an interest in anime and manga from before the 2000's(particularly the 80's), i thought i would ask about some good furry works from those times as well! are there any old furry comics/graphic novels/etc that any of you would recommend? i'm already kinda interested in omaha the cat dancer and albedo anthropomorphics. how good are those two?


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Are you looking for "specifically made for furries" or just any media with anthropomorphic animals?


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The FurKindred is good. You'd have to buy it off ebay. I recommend getting "A Shared World" first and then "Otter Madness" and "Renewal of Porpoise" if you can find it at a reasonable price

I'm not sure if Albedo ever finished but I think Steve posted a good amount of it on his site here: www.stevegallacci.com: Albedo

Jarlidium press has collected the first 20 issues of Yarf! into 4 bound volumes for sale here: store.jarlidium.com: Complete YARF!

I've purchased a lot of old comics and zines from Second Ed. Publishing here second-ed.myshopify.com: Welcome to SECOND ED

It looks like you can read the first 10 issues of South Fur Lands (a Zine from Australia/New Zealand that started in 1995) free online here: www.furry.org.au: South Fur Lands - Digital Collection

The best story to come out of Furrlough imo was "Here comes a Candle" and you can buy that as a separate release on Second Ed. here: second-ed.myshopify.com: HERE COMES A CANDLE (2000) (Mary Hanson-Roberts) I wouldn't recommend actually buying old issues of Furrlough because a lot of the stories just aren't good or are never finished.

Of course there's tons of other stuff but that's all I can think of right now. I would personally like to get issues of Vootie, pre-2000 Rowrbrazzle, Huzzah! and Tales of the Tai-Pan but I'm trying to not go broke. I've never read Omaha so I'm not sure about recommending it.


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I've read Omaha. It's worth it, but there simply aren't that many issues.

Shanda the Panda is one I'd recommend if you like slice of life comics. Lots of good stand-alone specials and the ongoing series is amazing and every issue's cover art was based on movie posters. (Shanda own a movie theater in the comic.)