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Return to Furryhart.


I know that in the past a lot of people have seen my site Furryhart and did not like it. I am here today to ask you nicely to return to Furryhart and see the many changes I have been working on.

My site is now completely rewritten by me in HTML with a CSS style sheet, to improve download time. I have tested it using IE, Firefox and Apple Safari browsers. I have been working hard to improve Furryhart, but I need your help. Please come and see the new furryhart and let me know what you think.

I thank you for your time, comments (good or bad) and support.
Furryhart http://furryhart.com
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I'm behind you o.0
The background image doesn't go together, you should make it so that all the background can be linked and so it appears to be 1 whole background image.


Play from your ****ing HEART
Your background is fighting for attention. You don't want your background to be flashy, it's just there to compliment your material.

You still have a splash page. Not necessary.

You still have all those animated GIFs that make your website look like it's from the early 90s. I don't know how many times I can repeat this: GIFs do not make for a pleasant aesthetic.

Your links work and are well-labeled. Gallery pages do their jobs nicely.

I still don't get what the age statement is for and why it's in .doc format. I'm not about to download it to find out. Make it either HTML or at least RTF so that it's universally readable. Not everyone has MS Word.

I'm pretty sure these are almost the exact same things I said last time. If you're not going to listen, I'll just stop trying to give you constructive crit.

\And I'm not going to "click the rings" goddammit.


'Net Help Desk
What purpose does the splash page serve? What purpose does it serve that your main page doesn't? If you don't have a clear and instant answer, then it's not working for you and is in fact working against you.

Even if you conclude that the splash page is necessary, you've put the entrance link in an unexpected location, and you're having to call attention to it so much that it competes with the rest of the page, defeating the purpose you have for it completely.

You want your viewer's eye guided to the content that you're offering. Instead, you're guiding the viewer's eye toward useless accessories, such as the loud backgrounds and flashing/animated GIFs, and away from the content. Still the animations and mute the backgrounds a bit. Make the purpose of your site's existence stand out.

I found myself unable to continue into your site to discover the Word document link Aden did, or into any of your galleries, because of the distractions embedded in your site.


Cute Cub Extraordinare
As already stated, the splash page really doesn't serve a purpose at the moment. I think you should, however, mention on the splash page that the site contains adult material. Put a warning up that minors should not access the site.

Another thing, you're using a lot of patterned and animated images with bright colours. Use more muted colours like you see here on the forum. Use dark text and cut back on the animated icons.
I mean this honestly and not to be rude: it hurts my eyes. The checkered and gradiant background wants attention, while the tie-dye foreground does too. It hurts.

Also, the splash page is pointless, as others have said. It has no purpose.


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as was said before the page is not the best the back ground and why is there a geust number counter on every page? i really dont want to know what geust number i am or how many people visit your sight along with what others said about the splash page.
i really dont want to know what geust number i am or how many people visit your sight

Yeah, this too. I don't know what your reasoning is for having a guest counter - they serve no purpose except for people to go "oh this site sucks" if you have a low number, and an e-peen stroking contest if you have a high one. If you are simply curious and want to know for yourself how many hits you get, there are many websites on the net that offer counters that only you can see.


What's where now?
Simple. Is. Best.

I don't mean any offense, but please take it from I, a professional who designs many a site.
The background can have a simple pattern.
The fore ground shouldn't
Keep font sizes bearable (not screaming size) and for God's sake, consistent throughout the site.

Follow those three rules and it's usability will greatly improve.

Also, awesome pencil work. The colours are drawn well, but work on light and shadows more. It's very 1-colour colouring (i mean the shading doesn't immediately present itself).

Keep in practice tho yo!