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Returning after a decade or so...


The Legally Blind Hobby Artist
Hi all,

I used to be around here in 3006-9 or so and only recently found myself poking at my old gallery since Saturday. I’m slowly uploading the better art pieces I’ve done since I poofed but I’m trying to space them out. I mostly do feral animals and scenery but could do some anthro if I wanted to. I used to work in photoshop and still have it but prefer the convenience and portability of my iPad Pro and Procreate

I have been doing art digitally for about 15 years, it would be 20 but I had an awful 5 year art block I just got over a few months ago. I’m most active on Instagram because of the ease of posting,but I will mske an effort to keep my FA updated.

I do take commissions, right now I’ve got several projects going on so it might be a few weeks before I could start on anything. DM for details.
My furdona is my feathery winged wolf WibdSeeker who I’ve had in some form of another since ‘97. I know, I’m kinda old ish lol

Anyway nice to meet you all!

PS. Before anyone asks legally blind does not mean totally blind and if you want to know how I can use a computer and all that stuff there’s a thing called Google, please use it :) (sorry if that sounds slightly passive aggressive I’m just way too used to people asking me things that they can easily look up themselves and it’s kind of annoying)


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Oh noes, I sound like a boomer!

Gabriel Foxx

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Lol. It’s ok. I’m almost 35 myself... *shifty eyes* lol and my husband and I still play D&D twice a month :)
Ah. D&D. Only the best, am I right? I thought I was one of the only people in here that played it, but that could also just be a really ignorant statement too lol ;)


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Welcome back! I hope your return is a great one :D


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Welcome! It is good to see you around. I hope the forums are a welcoming and comfortable place to you!