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Returning to the Furry Community


always and forever into MCR
Hey, I'm Mercury, a bi guy in my early/mid 20s that's returning to the furry community

I used to be super active as a minor but college got kinda busy so here we are :p

I like bugs, ocean creatures, anime (demon slayer is currently what i've been on), and d&d. I used to rp a bunch but it's been a while, though I wouldn't mind exploring that side of things a bit more.
Oh I also like to hike, even if I don't get to often.

My first fursona was a leafie, my new one is nudibranch inspired.

My sfw art can be found on furaffinity and twitter @ horridcafe


Definitely not a lizard
Cool sona!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay here :^)