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Returning to this place... kind of


New Member
Hello. I've been on this site for long, but never really use the forums, so I've stuck to my old nick "johntheronso", but this is my new one, it's been for quite some time and I figured it'd be best to register myself anew here and here I am :)

For those who want to check out my page, here it is:
**hint hint at the free art raffle**
The forum has many common and obvious uses - communication, expression, declaration, etc.
Hopefully you'll find your own use and blend right in.


New Member
Why thank you! Just out of curiosity.... where does your nick come from? I'm really curious!


cute newbie kitten
Hello and welcome. :)
Join in here, I'm sure you'll fit right in. Hope you have fun and everything.
It is a nice place, really, so long as you read the rules some time and think a little.
Which I'm sure you'll do.
Can I offer you some biscuits?


2007? Yikes, it took ya long enough to join the forums. :p

If you've been around that long, then I think it's safe to say that you've lurked the forums quite a bit. In which case, you'd be familiar with them??

Look at me rambling away, and I haven't even said Welcome yet.


Well we're glad that you finally took a chance to check out the forums, haha.

Read around a bit and you'll get along fine, hope you enjoy your time here.