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Revamped sona backstory



Hey guys!

Basically I've decided to change the backstory of my sona Cherie.
Since she is a magical girl, I wanted to give her a reason for having the powers.
Her backstory is a "lil tragic", also I am not a writing expert.

Have fun reading

Cherie was born on an planet inhabitat by an race of cats called nova cats, essentially they are an rather advanced civilization that is capable of using magic.
She lived with her parents and silblings in a mansion from her grandparents.
Her life was normal and peaceful until her 14th birthday where she went to a big concert.
On the day of the concert everything seemed normal but the dimensional anomaly trackers of
the town noticed something really strong.

Cherie went to the concert and found the first part of it amazing and was totally shook since it was the first concert of her life but during the second part a tragedy happened, a giant dimensional rift opened out of which weird creatures came that massacred most of the crowd in the stadium , as if it wasn't horrible enough the rift started to pull everything in.
Cherie tried her best not to get pulled in and clung to a seat but couldn't hold any longer and got pulled in.

Inside the rift were other people too but cherie had to see with her own eyes how they got either shredded apart or straight up vaporized by the rift, it traumatized her so deeply that she fell into a state of shock and continued floating in the rift until she ended up landing a flat seemingly neverending plane.

She wandered around with wounds not knowing if time even moves, alone, all by herself.
After a while she finds an weird flower shaped brooche lying on the floor, still shocked from everything but curious she tries to pick it up but the moment she grabs it a pillar of light appears swallowing her up. Floating inside of the light, Cherie feels like newly born, all her bodily wounds are healed but her fur and hair turned pink as a sign of her trauma.

She felt like as if she gained a new power and that her magic got stronger. The brooche she picked up changed too, it had five petals and a sign in the middle resembling a star but there was a strange line in the middle making it look like as if it had an eye..
Shortly after she got warped out of the weird realm, cherie suddenly wakes up thinking everything was a dream but looks at her fur which was still pink and at the brooche which was lying beside her, not to mention she woke up in the ruins of the stadium where the concert was, after a moment of realization cherie broke down and started crying.

An nearby guardian heard her crying and ran towards her, he tried to calm her down which didn't work . He carried her to a hospital which took care of her, where she stayed 3 months.
During her stay in the hospital , it was found out that her magic grew massively and when cherie asked how much time has gone by since the concert tragedy, it was said 1 year.
Cherie also found out that her family searched the whole time for her but lost hope after 1 year.
The hospital contacted her parents who immediatly rushed to her and hugged her, they all cried as they were reunited.

After cherie was discharged from the hospital, she decided to study different kinds of magic including the new power she gained and also visiting a therapy because of what she went through.

After 7 years therapy and studying magic, cherie finally saw herself ready to live her life to ist fullest and exploring the world. During these 7 years, she also learned that the brooche is an powerful magical relic.

Took me about 1 hour to write.
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