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Revamping a Character


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So I've had this character for around 5 1/2 years. I want to get a fursuit, but the problem is I feel like she's too boring of a character to drop $1500-2k on. Here is her most recent ref, just a couple weeks old. There are certain interesting design elements like her bone tail, hair, and pawpads, but I feel like that's it. Every time I try to revamp her and give her some markings or other features, though, it just doesn't look right.

What do you guys think? Does she deserve a makeover, or is her design okay for a fursuit? I feel like she'd be on the cheaper end with only one fur color, though most makers generally allow for 2 in their base prices. And her extra details (in terms of the actual suit, not her design) would be expensive, such as digitigrade legs, extra padding (I love the stocky look for suits as you can see in her ref, so mostly around the hip area), and hair/a wig.

Please suggest things to me or even draw over my ref if you want!

Some things to remember:
She's undead. Used to have more zombie features.
Her bone tail is something I'm iffy on changing to a normal one. I would have to give her more bony/gory features though.
You don't have to stick to her current color palette. I would love to see more interesting colors.
Her eyes and hair are as I'd like them.

Uhhhh that's all I can really think of so... suggest away! Art critiques are appreciated as well, as I feel my skills have stagnated badly over the past 6 months.
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Honestly characters are what you make of them. I've seen a lot of solid color characters and suits that are really unique and I've seen a lot of colorful characters that are really boring :/

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It's the performance, not really what the suit looks like. You can have the most gorgeous unique fursuit on the planet but if you can't perform at all no one will care.

That said light grey is a really difficult furcolor to find in fake fur.
Honestly if you're concerned about design, find a suit maker you really want, ask them if they'll help you adjust the design to better fit their fursuit style.

That's how I ended up switching my own markings to something more dynamic.


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If you feel she's too plain - why not have more bones sticking out? If she is undead, then go all out! I have my own undead characters and the best thing you can do, is just yuck it up on the themes. Mine, as well, has bones sticking out, so go ahead on the gore themes. I don't see her as a zombie, since she looks TOO well-put together.
Try putting bloody patches on the skin, or even give her rotting flesh on the cheek, to show her fangs.
If you don't want to make her more gory, then you can add a splash of color by giving her a light gray stomach, like in her ears. Put light gray on her paws, feet, or even add fur to the tail to make the bony bits stick out even more!
And don't be afraid of accessories, if you want to add more than just the collar.


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After searching for a bit I actually have found some seemingly light-enough gray furs for her so I don't think that'll be a problem :) And I'll try that, thank you! The only issue is it's hard to do bones sticking out on an actual fursuit, and you can't go the exposed-bone-on-limbs route. I'll figure something out. Thank you, guys!