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Reverse Search Bot Implementation


Lamenting Lynx
Anyone know much about setting up bots for Telegram channels here? Just had a few questions/needed a bit of guidance with one for my channel. This is my first time with all of this, and tonight I sleep frustrated as I couldn't achieve much despite messing around with Botfather, Modr8, and so on. I seriously just want this in the simplest guide as I get overwhelmed easily (hence my current state). I simply just want images uploaded to my channel to be immediately reverse image searched by a bot. I'm messing with the Reverse Search Bot but have had no luck or even sure if it's activated. I got overwhelmed and deleted all my created bots to just start over tomorrow.

To clarify, I am using ReverseSearchBot and have already implemented it into my channel, to no result. / commands that should work do not, and I am utterly confused.

(Marked NSFW as the channel contains mature furry art)

Please get back if you can lend a helping hand; I just want some integrity/decency in my channel.