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Reworked my Patreon Page to look more appealing, What do you think? ╹‿╹)


Notka- What?
Hey, How's it going? ╹‿╹)

Don't worry I'm not asking for you to become a part of this, Just your
opinion on this Patreon page if it is something you could see peeps
pledging too. What I mean by that is that for the longest time I've
been struggling to make it interesting and eye-catching,
Something that someone would actually go for.

SFW Patreon: Notkastar is creating Digital Doodles And Free-Form Video Content! | Patreon

NSFW Patreon: Notkastar (+18) is creating Mature Digital Art In Various Form! | Patreon

Stuff I Tried to spice things up

- Split my Patreon into two, One for SFW and one for NSFW since
NSFW pages are hidden from normal View.

- Added in a few Tier levels with stacking light rewards.

- Spiced things up with some neat visuals.

- And I Edited my wording quite a bit

What do you doods think? ╹‿╹)
Could you see peeps being interested in this
or is it still missing something?

Any and all feedback on how to make things
more eye-catching would be greatly appreciated!
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