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Riho's Fursona


Your brain cells are mine
Name: Riho
Sex: Male
Species: Fox/Wolf
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 190 lbs.

Riho, being a fox/wolf hybrid, is mainly red, but with rather strange splotches of gray throughout his body. His ears, large with many notches in the side, are a common topic of ridicule. With Riho's ears, strange color mix, and large scar on his nose, followed by a long snout, Riho is not universally accepted around his hometown.

Behavior and Personality: Although he is quick to anger, Riho knows and is often able to make fun of his countless faults, although he can get very defensive about his ears. When with his few friends, he loves making them laugh and will go at great lengths to do so, often making a fool of himself. Because of his anger, Riho often gets into fights, hence the scar on his nose and his notched ears. His hair, dyed a light blue, usually covers his right eye, and he hates having it cut, preferring to leave it scruffy. Although his anger is a major fault in him, Riho will put himself in danger to defend his few friends, and they will do the same for him. Since the general opinion on him is already low, Riho isn't very susceptible to peer pressure, so he only wears things that he wants to wear, and doesn't cater to what most people think of as "cool."

Personality: Riho's father and mother were shunned due to their inter-species romance, so Riho and his family live in a small house in the middle of a forest, twenty miles from a small town. This forest is absolutely filled with caves and cliffs to explore, and Riho has broken his leg while adventuring around his property. He has a very active imagination, and loves to sit in caves, daydreaming. Riho's mood can inconsistently fluctuate between extreme happiness and crippling depression, but he always tries to keep smiles on the faces of himself and all around him. He is incredibly outgoing with people he knows, but with strangers, Riho suffers from shyness, which is a major factor of his lack of a girlfriend.

Likes: Martial arts, reading, technology, athletics, jokes, gaming
Dislikes: Buncha crap

Birth date: September 27, 1996
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