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Road trip?

So what do you consider a road trip? I've spoken with many people from across this wide world and it seems to vary, what I take for a day trip (about 6-8 hours driving round trip, depending on traffic) is a road trip across the country to others. Does it vary for country size? Since I live in such a huge country, and it takes 3 days just to get to the middle (allowing time for attractions and sleep, could probably do it in 2 days without stops, 24-28 hours straight driving) Does this skew my sense of a road trip that it should take at least a week to travel cross country? What do you even consider a road trip? The next major city? the next province/territory/state? The other side of the country?

I consider it to be a driving trip to the middle of my country or farther, 8 hours driving to cross the Rockies isn't that bad, but more than a days drive is becoming a road trip I think.

What do you think?


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Well, since I've been going back and forth to Florida a couple times a year for about 5 or 6 years now, its about a 13 hour car trip, on long, strait, boring roads, so I've come to call a 13 hour drive a dreaded road trip ;3
Road trip = at least 4 days of solid driving imo. I'm about to take a road trip with one of my mates when he comes back from wagga/sydeny/wherever he was working this time, and we are heading down to the byron bay hinterland. If you live over seas, that sentence made no sense, if you live in aus, envy me :D


Get in a car.
Load up on snacks.
Floor it.
Road trip. :p


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I think a road trip is going through at least more that two states. Plus Road Trip the movie rocked! Well to me anyway. ^^
cross country= roadtrip
half way across= roadtrip
2 states = roadtrip
1 state = short roadtrip
any less and it's just driving

It's NEVER a road trip if it's moving or buisness
NEVER a roadtrip without an assload of snacks
NEVER a roadtrip unless "snacks" includes 2 bags of beef jerky (least for any of us carnivores)
Never a roadtrip unless somethign bad happens; ex: whiteout blizzard on a mountain, the cops stop you and you've weed under the seat, a fight with blood, run out of gas in the middle of nowhere, ect
IT'S NEVER a roadtrip with good music
IT'S NEVER EVER a roadtrip with less than 3 people in the same car
Greyhound/charter bus does not count
A roadtrip MUST include a stay at a Bates Motel or similar sketchy ass motel if longer than 2 days
A roadtrip MUST include random pitstops in the middle of nowhere
A better roadtrip sees more state routs and backroads than interstate

This is how I've come to define the common American roadtrip. My last "roadtrip" was thanksgiving 2005 when someone asked me last minute if I wanted to ride back to Ohio form New York (about 12-14 hours). Course I accepted, I packed quickly and shoved it into teh trunk with 3 others stuff. Stole some snacks from the driver's roommate and left at 9:30pm-ish. Bout this time I was informed that I'll probably be taking a crash course in driving stick through the Pennylvanian mountains. Fortunatly for us all I didn't, it was snowing too damned and was too slick for anyone else to drive the 94 grand prix except the one guy. Course we broke a few of the menntioned "rules"/guidelines but we did get lost (on the backroads), fill up at sketchy gas station, make the random pitstops, and see a good umber of accidents. And we did it all again on the return trip, minus the snow thank god


trapped in blizzards, weed under the seat, back roads? Shit I've been on roadtrips? we used to call it being Canadian.


I've lived in Scotland most of my life. Down the road to Tesco and back feels like a roadtrip to me.