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Robinhood Investing and Quarantine

Gravey D. Train

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I bet you never expected this topic to pop up on a furry forum, but here we are X3

This pandemic has brought the stock market crashing, and it has since rebounded incredibly. I noticed that there was an influx of retail investors (Non-institutional investors like you and me) getting into the stock market for the first time. I assume it has to do with the increase of household savings as a result of the lack of things to spend money on paired with the accessibility of the stock market via Robinhood. I study economics, finance, and business analytics and find these topics so interesting!

I was curious to know if anyone here has gotten on the investing boat. If you have, what has your experience been like? What's your short, mid, and long term plans for your stocks? Do you have a stock recommendation?


Seizing the memes of production
Mostly cash right now, as I sold off the majority in 2018.Made a killing off the marijuana gold rush.

Honestly see another big dip coming in the next couple months, hence why I'm staying on the sidelines with cash.

Sam Akuchin Wamm

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can't beat reliable stable businesses that have ridden out financial crisises in the past and haven't changed to the new way of thinking i see so many businesses using today with their non-investment strategies and quick money schemes.

do things right and you won't be the wealthiest business out there but you certainly won't go upside down when times are bad.

good reliable old fashioned business sense still works all these centuries later.

eat that microsoft and your massively unstable stocks.

Firuthi Dragovic

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Honestly see another big dip coming in the next couple months, hence why I'm staying on the sidelines with cash.
Honestly? Yeah. I'm just getting into the market proper, but I suspect the market's gonna plunge right into the french onion in the next few years so I'm looking for some stable stuff to start off, hold it for like 20-30 years.

(What? E-Trade already makes the dip joke in their ads. That and bear markets.)

I'm starting in my mid-30s, I wager I'm going to have to be somewhat aggressive with investments SOON, but now does not appear to be the best time to go crazy. Besides, I think my student loan interest rates are higher than most market rates or average returns so I want to see if I can knock those out in a year.