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Finally getting around to making this - I'm in need of a creativity boost, and this seemed like the best idea. I'll do my best to keep this thread updated, if not for my own agenda. Thanks for reading!


Name: Terros Alcove
Age: Young adult
Sex: Male
Species: Western dragon

History: Terros Alcove was born and raised in a family of humans, the Alcoves, who had found his egg on a derelict road leading up to a steel mill. The Alcoves treated him as one of their own, but complications with the surrounding neighbors resulted in Terros being snatched up, tied, and sold to a wealthy landlord. He was treated like a king in the estate, but his conversations with a fellow pet of the landlord convinced him to escape the materialism of his current life. The final nail was pounded in when an Alcove traced him to the estate, resulting in a failed "prison break" and the death of the acquainted pet. The incident caused Terros himself to snap and make his own sudden escape, using brute force and violence. With a foreboding aura, regret and pain, Terros set off to find the homeland of his murdered friend.

Appearance: Terros is a small, feral western dragon (no bigger than a shire horse) with burnt orange scales and cream horns/underbelly. Unnatural brown plates cover the top of his snout and end just above his gray eyes; three rows of spikes lead down his head to his back and rump, and a mane of stray spines cover his jaw and neck. His horns resemble that of a bull, and his beaked snout is topped off with four brown spines and a single horn protruding above his slitted nostrils. His wings are thick and leathery, each with a single horn at the tip. A single row of spikes go down his tail, the tip boasting triple spearheads. He has many scars decorating his scaly hide - the most prominent scar can be seen on the right side of his neck. His front paws have three claws each, while his back paws have four, one being a dewclaw.

Personality: Terros may have a menacing look, packing every tool necessary to shred an opposer, but his morals and hero syndrome keep his aggressions down to mere beatings. He doesn't seek trouble nor does he instigate fights, but he will defend his family and beliefs to the last breath. Terros is a warrior when he has to be, but his cool demeanor conflicts with his desire to protect those he loves. Under it all, he just wants to laze around the sun while munching on fruit, for he enjoys drinking in the splendor of surrounding nature. Although he enjoys the primeval world and its sights, his uneasiness with flying has him traveling by foot whenever he can. The orange dragon is a bit of a curious cat, as he will stick his nose into business not of his own; his faint cockiness may also be at fault here. He bears an open mind, but good luck trying to change a decision he's made!

Strengths: Excels in close combat (hip checks are a favorite); storytelling; natural persuader; advocate of equality - this includes eye-for-eye
Weaknesses: Shock treatments; lacks a breath attack; staunch morals are difficult to conquer but easy to exploit; small size for a dragon; long-distance flying.

Likes: Nature; music; fruit and hearty meals; peace; life stories; basking
Dislikes: Sudden noises; disrupted naps; conflict; "petty" ordeals; blood



Critiques and comments would be great! The above sketch was somewhat lazy and old, as I have little drawings of Terros, but I hope to change that soon. I have a lot in store for this character.
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I think you might want to review your strengths and weaknesses. Instead of being powers, why not traits? I think that may expand on your character more.


I did put that under personality, unless you mean something else?

Oh, sorry.
I read it again because I proved to myself I can't read, but I think it's a very well-thought reference sheet. To be nitpicky, you might want to elaborate on his cool demeanor vs. his hero complex.