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Rocket City Furmeet 2012


Active Member
I didn't see a topic of this, so I decided to make one.

I've never been to a fur con before, and I'm very interested. Sadly, I don't know any furries closeby. So I was wondering if there were any folks in Alabama that were going to attend the con this coming Memorial Day weekend. I thought of inviting my coworker, but he tends to freak out easily, and I don't know what to expect really.

Is anyone attending? Have you been before? Is it worth staying 3 days for?

Lol, look at me askin' all them questions, making statements.....assuming.:cool:


New Member
Hey, it's going to be my first time going too, and I'm coming from Memphis, TN. If you want, My mate and I could meet up with you there, and we can explore the strange new world of furry cons together. ^.^

Good luck, and we hope to meet ya there!
~FoxyAllyx and HarleyPanda


Happy Jack
I was planning on going, but I don't know anyone around here who's going as well, so I haven't got anyone to hitch a ride with. I'm sure it'll be a great con, though.


Dragon Lady
I'm going to Rocket City and I don't know anyone either. It's my first furry con and I'm super excited. I'm trying to finish up my glaceon costume but we'll see how that goes. ^_^