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Rocket Knight Adventures

What do you think about Sparkster

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How many people on this forum and FA website remember Rocket Knight Adventures and Sparkster on the Genesis (aka Megadrive in the UK) and Super Nintendo. this trilogy is one of my top 5 retro games of all time and if you haven't played either of these games then you must try it out I recomend you play the first RKA game.

Sparkster (the hero of the game) isn't forgoten by konami and by some of the old fans that played his games back in out childhood and loved it as much or more than, Sonic the hedgehog. Sparksters next appearance is on the DS on the "New International Track and Field" game which should be realesed in summer 2008 I cannot be precise on the exact date but it will be coming soon also if your not a fan of sparkster then you can play as good old Pyramid head from Sillent Hill2 and the film.

Also after this game has been realesed what is gonna be next for the speedy tough opossum me and all the other old fans on other forums and websites hope that sparkster gets a sequal with the same 2D gameplay but in 3D for the DS, PSP or Xbox Live Arcade.

Most fans would not recomend a fully 3D game I do have some ideas but I doubt it would help konami, cause some of the ideas I have and changed kinda have the same reference to other popular games. possibly a flight simulator would be ok I guess than a fully 3D action game....

If sparkster jumped into the fully 3D gaming world the game would probaly be as bad as when Metal Slug made the jump to 3D.

I'm still doing fanart to make sure sparkster isn't dead I'm glad its attracting the old RKA fans. http://www.furaffinity.net/user/krystallwolvelt/