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Darius Nack
Would anyone like to role-play with me? As I'm looking to do a crossover role play with other individuals characters with one of my own OC's. trust me when I say that this will not be fetish bait type of role play and it will not be the type of roleplay that will just be forced to do what others want me to do as I am someone that is willing to compromise but not full on bend over backwards for others. I am willing to do lewd / smut role play with female writers but not with male writers since I am straight but any lewd or smut content will not be straight to the beginning of the role play because I feel that story needs to be built instead of straight up sex.
I can role-play here or on Discord
(DariusNack #4622)

So if any of you would like to role-play with me then I'm down for it but please be able to write more than just one or two words at a time as I need you to be literate at least by two lines or more.


Hmm.....I mainly rp as a guy, but I'll switch it up. Sure, why not?