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Roleplay, art showcase and community forum of my wolf webcomic



Now I know for a fact that there are many people here who own wolf characters who would like to RP with them... or show off their art of them
The forum above is the official forum of my webcomic, Lukunsky Grove. It's not just dedicated to wolves though, if you have your own webcomic about anything (so long as it's nt XXX or excessively violent, it's mainly aimed at under 18's), then you can post it in the forums! There is also a general art section for anything else.

Eh, you'll just have to go take a peek and see what's there

It's a new forum, still needs plenty of work, but I'm also looking for experienced roleplaying people to help mod the Roleplay section since I'm not really up to scratch with RPing

Feel free to sign up, just PM me on there if you want to help out with modding!