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The town of Kagawa is a well known city for its beautiful scenery, amazing university and a beach like none other... Oh yeah, and for the furries. Sign up now and take part in this brand new forum RPG! Also, not safe for work. (So long as we get the right amount of players! ^w^)

Tell me when it's grown a bit! :)

:/ Can we keep this to sites were you actually do roleplaying?


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A newly started anthropomorphic RPG site where furries are hiding from humans and can roleplay in the mountain base, cave base, forest base, or a hidden island.

Still looking for staff as well.



Avi by Grouchinator. :3


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Dead: All I can suggest is reducing the number of likes / dislikes for character creation (all I can suggest right now, ATM). Needing five for each seems a bit much, especially since it's very likely (at least from what I've seen) the information won't come up or hold any RP Relevance. Not unless dislikes are something like Phobias, anyways.


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It's a Sonic the Hedgehog-based game (AU, of course) that's been going on for quite some time. There are a few furs there (including myself) and it's a pretty friendly community. You maybe want can haz check it out? :3


Where Sonic Cycloine is my public site, FlamingAtom is my personal site. Well, mostly. It has a bunch of small campaigns. Not exactly furry but quite awesome nonetheless!


I think there was an anthro MMORPG app for iPhone. Anyone confirm?


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If by any chance anyone's into semi-oldschool high-literate type RPing (as in, actual paragraphs and punctuation), Dreamscape is a pretty cool place to go. Sites like this are dying out, so it's fairly rare to find a place this active with players this literate.

Sadly, no humanoid characters are allowed (i.e. no anthros), but all other creatures are allowed (and I mean you can play anything). You can "purchase" abilities with on-site currency, like elemental control and levitation, which is pretty unique. There are also castes to keep you motivated, where you have to complete specific tasks to move up the ranks (solving riddles, in-character interaction, mock battles, etc).



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If any of y'all are into MUSHes or general real-time text-based group rp, OtherSpace is a pretty cool place. It's an original-theme space opera (like Firefly, Babylon 5, Mass Effect, and Star Wars) with some pretty solid rp and many anthro alien races, including the wolf-fox-dhole-hyena-like Pyracani, spider-like B'hiri, eagle-like Falari, badger-like Llivori, raccoon-like Lotorians, cat-like Demarians and Lyiri, panda-like Opodians, faerie-like Riftwalkers, bat-like Tupai, iguana-like Zangali, ant-like Odarites, and salamander-like Ydahri.


http://www.byblos-rp.net/forum/ Newish site, it's not strictly anything but there's a lot of furries there.. needs new members and all of that. The admins are nice and the people there are pretty awesome.. and yes, there is an adult section but as I'm underage, they have the 'public' section as well, for underaged rpers such as myself c:


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http://www.byblos-rp.net/forum/ Newish site, it's not strictly anything but there's a lot of furries there.. needs new members and all of that. The admins are nice and the people there are pretty awesome.. and yes, there is an adult section but as I'm underage, they have the 'public' section as well, for underaged rpers such as myself c:
Much of the staff come from a place called "Yiffy.net", and apparently underage is less restricted as "entirely not allowed".

For some reason, I don't think it's the optimal site for Roleplay. Just a guess, though. This rule: "make sure you read the topic title carefully before clicking on it and if it’s something that might offend or upset you then don’t go in" in regard to debating, and comments like this "as the bartender is close to 7 feet tall and built like a brick on steroids (as well as having a penis that he's forced by International Law to register as an offensive weapon)" doesn't exactly make me feel much better about its quality.

Oh, and it was created because (by the WikiFur entry) they felt there were not enough "Furry-friendly" roleplay sites out there (Fun trick: Name some of the most popular roleplay sites out there. Now state how many of them will curse you out for being a furry, and how many will get your ass banned in a heartbeat because you sorta-kinda-mighta made a vague comment on one of the Furry members).

Mind, it shows signs of being well built, having very comprehensive rules and organization and the like. Just... yeah, things like that leave me guessing it's no bueno for someone's who's not Den-fodder.


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Spectrum: The Night Shift Agenda

Spectrum: A world of literate, furry-based, and often adult-oriented role-play centred around the exploits of the specialized military task-force, The Night Shift.

If you're confident in your writing ability, are seeking a fun-filled and action-packed role-play that promises romance, thrills, and plot-twists around every corner-- then this is the place for you.

[Adult Content - Discretion is Advised]

~~ Just getting off the ground, starving for new members.

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Hello there FA users,

I am the creator and administrator of Role Play IRC. It can be found at http://rpirc.org/

This is a role playing site for people who are 18+, and so we are looking for those type of folk to hop along. We allow users to create their own user-rooms FOR FREE, much like the olden Yahoo days. A long with having an IRC server, we also have a forum located at http://rpirc.org/board/ -- do note the forums and the website are still very new, and themes at this moment are being tested by just myself.

You may have seen sites like RPC, RPH, and F-List, right? Well, this site is somewhat like them, only I actually hire professional, mature, and kind staff members in the chat room channels.

There will be kink/fetish rooms in the future, and since I am posting this on a furry-related forum and website I'd just like to say I'd love to welcome all furries to my own IRC server. <3 I welcome them with open arms, and am not much a furry hater myself.

At this time our main channels are #OutofCharacter, #HelpDesk, and #InCharacter. #HelpDesk is used for support related issues regarding the site, IRC, or anything to do with role playing.

For all of you irc junkies out there, please connect at irc.rpirc.net, or go to http://rpirc.org/chat

Here's our mission statement
Here at RPIRC we are committed to delivering a superior adult fetish roleplay experience. We are dedicated to sorting all chatter relations issues in a minimum of time, with as little interruption as possible

. Providing channel operators with the tools necessary to manage the experience of their visitors, control the players allowed to interfere, all through the well-established interface of the powerful IRC chat software.

We are determined to deliver only the best of online roleplay chat, with fast response speeds, expansive user controls, and a reliable server, all delivered with top notch customer service. Our goal is to make sure you walk away happy.

My Q&A

Q: What made you start RPIRC? Also, why not RPH or RPC for your group/site/forum?
A: I started RPIRC because there has been a lack in role play on all kinds of role play sites. I also started it because I did not like the way they (the owners, moderators, etc) ran their servers. I also did not want to do this on RPH or RPC due to the attitude of the members there, and staff.
Q: Start date of RPIRC?
A: 12/07/2011

Q: Why did you choose IRC and not Tufat's Flash Chat, RealChat, 123FlashChat, other chat software?
A: They didn't really have what I wanted, and did not have the ability to add bots to help moderate people's channels, or my own.

Q: Why did you choose the username you did?
A: Was the only name I could think of at the time, and so made Orihime.

Q: Do -you- have a grudge against RPH, RPC, and other rp chat sites?
A: No, not at all. I just did what everyone else would say and made my own.

Thanks for checking us out, and do feel free to ask me questions in #OutofCharacter, or even #HelpDesk. :)
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I'm surprised no one has mentioned Feral Heart yet. It's a wolf/lion RP site where the entire story is created by the players. I've played it with two other furries and we all agreed that it was a great site for roleplay.


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What I have done is normally random encounters with people from roulette chat sites. I generally use skype and then RP with people on there, Normally they are sex related but that is as much due to me as it is to the other. I have a lack of long lasting contacts who are into furry and would adult roleplay, Obviously I'm for story Roleplay too but being an 18 year old boy sex is just normally on my mind.


I haven't gone through the entire thread, but I'd hope Tapestries already got mentioned :p Anyone have any good areas to play on there? I've got a good idea to make a public place, but seeing as how the wiz's are months and months idle...


You know what i'd like to see? A sort of "casual" roleplaying environment. As in, the kind of thing you find on websites that aren't strictly dedicated to roleplaying, and where the players just sort of make stuff up as they go along. And clean, of course. That's what I'd like to see.

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Why don't you try Furcadia? It's ancient and clunky but still fairly active.