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Roleplaying Sites


Skunkette Lover
I have two sites that i need help with. I can't really get the right stuff going. PM me and we can talk there if there are takers.
I've also been looking for more active role-playing sites; I like free form, story based RPs, and prefer to use forums for posting...it helps keep them better organized over time, and is a way to let others see what you are like as a writer/RPer, so you can attract new friends.

So far, I have found Furry to Furry to be the best, for both clean and yiffy; So-Furry also has a section, though I haven't tried it out yet. (both may have NSFW elements)

Some of the best RPers I have encountered have been on Furry to Furry; it's sad that it it's not as busy as it used to be, on the RPs...I think many people don't like to take the time to create an adventure, they would rather have something more ready-made. But that's what I love about free-form RP: it's not scripted or limited like other games, anything might happen.
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Hungry Pokemon Forums, the only place where you can fulfill both your natural hungers. Both Vore and Yiffy rp's take place here. Pokemon are mostly used in the Roleplays' but I've seen other things such as digimon and actual animals.


Niko Linni
If you don't mind a structured, High Fantasy RPG, head on over to imperiarp.org . That's the main site for Imperia, though some of the info might be a little dated. In addition you can check out imperiarp.org/forums , their forums site, and if you want to check out the chat room, head on over to Sorcery.net, and join #imperia. Currently, no new players will be accepted until March 1st, 2013, as they are in-process of creating and developing a new channel that'll make it easier to ease newcomers into the game setting and style.

Imperia is a high fantasy RPG that's quite structured. It's done via IRC, so if things get rolling or you're involved in a plot, the action can be quite fast paced and intense. You do need a decent amount of RP skill if you wish to be successful here, but on the plus side they're really good about helping out newcomers and giving them tips and advice. Script Style roleplaying is NOT acceptable here. You have to do it story style, IE.

"Well, there ought to be someone out here standin' guard. Dunno why we're doin' this ourselves." Said Longshot.

Something like that is good. You don't have to type paragraphs of info and description for each and every post, though. Also be wary: they do not accept anthro characters. While there are antrho like characters, like were-beasts, yuan-ti, and what have you, these are considered higher rank characters that should be handled by seasoned players, mainly for the fact that the game world would react differently to some simple common character class like an elf, human, drow, dwarf, etc. From my experience though, it is pretty interesting and fun to take an anthro character, find a suitable fantasy race for them, and then restructure and retool them so they fit within the Imperia world. Think of it as an "Alternate Reality" version of my characters (or yours, should you choose to use your own) if you will. Don't let that scare you off though: Imperia is a world that has a lot of thought, effort, and passion put into it. It's rich with all sorts of mythos, lore, heroes, villains, characters, monsters, civilizations, and so on and so fourth.

Another thing to be wary of is their attitude towards furries. Unfortunately either trolls or immature furs found Imperia a long time ago and...well you can imagine what happened. They aren't hostile to furs, mind you; they know I'm a fur and they treat me like one of their own. They just tend to dislike the vocal "Furry pride! We're better than humans! Die on paws rather than feet!" type because, well that just happened to be the sort that they ran into. If you're mellow about it, and don't throw it in everyone's face that you're a fur, you'll do fine. Most of the players have a rather neutral view of it. They don't really care if you're a furry. Though if you've done no harm and you're being harassed, you can hit up the staff and let them know. The Channel Operators and Mods take their roles seriously, and do not seem to be one to play prejudice. So don't worry.

Okay, whew, I know that's a lot. One thing too, is yes, this place requires character applications. You can make a combat, or non-noncombat character, and well...you get to partake in the rich history of Imperia. You get to flesh out your character and give them a detailed backstory, personality, apperance, strengths, weaknesses, and so on. It's really a nice exercise in just developing the basics for a character. And if it's approved (Rarely is an app outright rejected; if you follow the guidelines, and put fouth a good effort, they're willing to work with you on what you need to work on, edit, change, etc) you get to roleplay and make this character grow and evolve even more. Part of what's being worked on for new players is these character apps. The usual spot of action is the Twisted Blade Inn, but for new comers or current players who want to, you can submit a character for the new channel, Skull and Blade Tavern. The sheet here is simplified, so it's a little easier to fill out. Though you won't be able to roleplay with an SBT approved character in TBI, you can (I believe) take that character and make a full on app for approval and play in the TBI.

Well, that was a lot of info. But come on down and see what we're about. If you're looking for a good fantasy RPG, this is worth checking out.


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Got a role play for you folks if you're interested. It's a fairly relaxed community game based around IRC, a chat-line if you aren't familiar with it. Your fairly traditional fantasy fair over all and designed to be newbie friendly. I have recruitment threads for it setup over at SoFurry as well as Weasly if you're at all interested. Simply head over to whichever site you already have an account in.



Welcome~ Wondering what this is? The Adventuring Guild of Fair-River is a COMMUNITY ROLE PLAY that is always active on IRC, allowing you to play whenever you feel like. It has been going on for over two years now, and is looking for new blood to keep things interesting. This being a furry site it seemed sort obvious we'd find a few people interested in pretending they're animal people a few times a week. So here we are. While we -do- use an actual dice system for adventures it is a relatively simple one, designed to be newbie friendly.​

The basic premise is simple: all players are part of an adventuring guild in a fantasy medieval world, located in the city of Fair-River a trading town in the very middle of the nation. With your warriors, wizards, rogues, monsters, dragons, bandits, undead, and what have you. With the players being heroic anthropomorphic heroes, all be it limited to certain animals. These heroes, as adventures, take jobs for the guild in the form of quests run by other players. The role play itself takes place in three Major Channels.

All of these Channels are on the RIZON IRC server. ( irc.rizon.net ) If you're unfamiliar with IRC you can simply connect with the easy to use Mibbit client. Simply select' Rizon' from the drop-down menu for servers, put any nickname you want in the 'Nick' box, and #bcbgamesOOC in the channel box. We can help you from there.

Here players can log in at any time and simply role play their characters interacting in the Guild hall. Gossiping, having a drink, sparring, Romancing, interacting with other players who are online at the time. Forming friendships, lover triangles, and gaining enemies among the other players. The ‘between quests’ sort of thing where there’s no story or plot: Just the characters hanging out. A good place to practice, and get used to the nature of things. From time to time you can expect some -very- poorly written drama in here but I think most people here ENJOY that sort of thing . It’s typically active everyday 6pm EST or later, but is often active other times as well! You do NOT need to take part in the Freeform to take part in the QUESTS. Nor do you need to take part in QUESTS to be part of the freeform if you're not into that sort of thing.

The QUESTS which are ran in #BCBGAMES2
Now an adventuring guild wouldn't be an adventuring guild if our heroes didn't get Quests now would it? Rather then having one set ‘Game master’ anyone with an idea for a quest can run one any time they wish. Simply announcing their intent to run, with the players presently online volunteering. *Once the group is ready to go, the quest begins typically lasting 4-6 hours and can vary greatly in style and subject. Fighting off undead in an ancient castle, protecting a caravan from bandits, solving a mystery, or tracking a wanted criminal down. Typically someone decides to run a quest every 3-4 days or so, but given the 'when you feel like' nature of the game this varies a lot, and should become more common as we get more players

Last but not least there is the all important #BCBGAMESOOC
The ‘out of character’ room where people playing the game can simply talk as themselves. Discussing possible plot points for the future, just reacting to what’s going on IC, Bug people about killing zombies on steam, and just.. Idly talking about whatever they wish. Typically when someone wants to run a QUEST they will post an announcement there to see who’s awake! If you want to take part in quests you should lurk in this channel whenever you’re online.


If no one minds, I'd like to add a few of my favorite text gaming sites.

The first site I would like to share is my personal web forum, Zoids: Battle Century. As a forum, it's main focus is on Zoids, a series of animal-like robot plastic models produced the toy company Takara-Tomy, and hosts a newly opened RPG section. The forum's RPG, which is known as a "Cooperative Creative Writing Project" and entitled "Age of Aggression," is set in an original universe built upon elements of official Zoids material, and reinforced with a lot of fan-generated content. The game is mature in nature, and deals with topics such as character exploration and development, war, love, death, and fictional politics; however, despite these themes, the game is Safe For Work, so long as your workplace allows depictions of war and violence. If you are interested in such a RPG, then please head on over to the forum, which can be found here at http://zoids-battlecentury.zforum.biz/. To give fair warning, you will have to join up on the forum before you can take part in the forum; it's simple, easy, and free, and does not require pre-approval.

The second site I would like to share belongs to a close friend of mine, and is known as The Veil of Shadows: Chronicles of Ashara. VoS (as its members call it) is a Yahoo! Group based fantasy RPG set in the fictional world of Ashara were Beastmen (fantasy-term for Anthros) are the dominant species, and where Humans, Eves, Dwarves, and other such races are the obvious minority. The main story follows a group of adventurers as they race against an ancient evil - an entity known as the Warlock King - to build a long forgotten alliance of nations before the entire world is conquered by the fell forces of the Warlock King'cursed kingdom of Malcora. The game itself deals with many sword and sorcery topics, such as magic, love, fictional politics, adventuring, gods and deities, and scantily clad heroes (males and females respectively); despite this, the group is Safe For Work, as nothing naughty is allowed to happen within the group. If you're interested in taking part in an antho-fantasy adventure similar to the likes of Dungeons & Dragons, then please head on over to the Yahoo! Group "Veil of Shadows: Chronicles of Ashara", which can be found here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Veil-of-Shadows-Chronicles-of-Ashara/, and join up. Also, just for fair warning, you will have to apply for group membership before actually being allowed to start playing; but don't worry, it's just a precaution to keep spammers out. Just mention that Kantorock tipped you off to the group, and I'm sure you'll be approved in no-time. ;)


Bark! Bark!!
I am the admin of another site which allows role playing if you want to come check us out we are called Furries at Play and we are also a forum the link to our site is Here at the time we only allow clean RP on the boards while yiffy is restricted to PM's. Though if we do get an increase of demand for it we will add on a special board dedicated to yiffy RP.


Psychosis Embodied
My friend and I are currently working on building a human/anthro site that caters pretty well to furries as well. I can't wait until we finish building it so that way we can share it with you guys!


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I am interested in building a new roleplaying site, but I would like to start out with at least one other administrator and a moderator. I like anthro fantasy, shape-shifting and that sort of thing but I'm pretty laid back so the site can have any type of focus. I've built a few websites before, the admin and design stuff is no problem. If you're interested, PM me so we can get started.


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If you're looking for a good, clean RP and a fairly large community of writers to interact and roleplay, I've just copy and pasted a generic little advertisement thing I wrote up for the Imperium. It's quite a fun and active community with a lot of history that will give a lot back to you if you put the time into it. I've been a member for around eight years now, along with a few other people, so I figure that it must be doing something right!

What is the Vulpine Imperium?

The Vulpine Imperium is an eighteenth-century, fully interactive anthropomorphic roleplaying site founded by some of the leading members of the Redwall Online Community back in 2003, following the adventures of the inhabitants of the country of the same name. Set in its own vast and entirely original world, with a diverse array of characters and a wealth of history, legends, lands, factions, and events to adventure and partake in, there is always a place for one to work their character into, from the most whimsical poet to the most deadly warrior. Included below are a list of links, some pictures, and a basic FAQ, of which I or any of the administrators of the site would be happy to expand upon if needed!


http://rovl.org/vi/ [The website itself].

http://vulpineimperium.wikia.com/wiki/Vulpine_Imperium_Wiki [The wikia].

http://www.deviantart.com/?q=Vulpine+Imperium [Art done for, or by, VI members].

http://www.rovl.org/vi/?p=display [The same as the above, except on-site and with poetry, stories, ect included].

World Map



What is the age rating?

The Vulpine Imperium, or the VI for short, is a strictly PG-13 website when it comes to sexual content. Your characters are allowed to kiss, hug, marry, show all kinds of public affection, and even make allusions to having had sex, but any sexual roleplaying is strictly prohibited to allow minors on the website. Lesbian and gay characters are accepted as well. Fairly graphic depictions of violence and even torture is allowed, but it is generally frowned upon to go too into detail on the gore.

What type of roleplaying should I expect?

Good question! The website prides itself on encouraging and assisting others with developing their roleplaying skills. As such, we try to encourage our members to make posts of paragraph length or more, and this is indeed what the vast majority of the community is accustomed to with some individual posts being quite lengthy indeed. That being said! Do not worry, the community is one of the most friendly that I have personally ever been involved with and can help you sort out any issues you are having very quickly.

How large is the community?

It tends to vary during different periods of the year due to school, work, and various old members popping in to check on things, but there tends to be around thirty to forty active members at this moment. Nonetheless, the community is still quite active and there are more than a few ongoing threads to participate in, factions to join, and a wide variety of characters for you to interact with. The length of threads spans the entire gambit from a few replies to some reaching into the hundreds.

What species can I roleplay?

You can roleplay practically any sort of fox, pine marten, rat, stoat, ferret, wildcat, or monitor lizard. There exist numerous other species in the world but they require special permission from the administration to roleplay due to the IC setting of the website, the reasons for which will be fairly obvious once you make an account and join.

What’s the setting?

The setting is vaguely analogous to a more egalitarian version of 18th-century England in terms of dress, culture, and style. The Imperium itself is known as one of the preeminent naval powers in the world, and has currently just gotten itself embroiled in an extended world war with a variety of other foreign powers. There are plenty of roles for all types of characters to play, from shadowy assassin to noble warrior to humble merchant to artist or poet. Really, it’s all up to you!

The main OOC boards seem a little dead. Is there a reason for this?

Yes. While these boards were used extensively in the past and are still used to some extent, most of the community uses the Skype text chat to ask any questions that they might have or simply participate in the general discussion of the community. This is extremely easy to get invited to and one can expect to have quite a warm welcome from the administrative staff as well as a large variety of players. If one wishes to be invited to the chat (which I highly suggest to help get your bearings!), simply make an OOC thread on site or private message any of the Imperium's ministers(admins).
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The Forsaken Pony
My site is in my sig. It is Multi-Fandom based (Furry, Doctor Who, Brony, Bionicle, and a few other random placed things) community based around Steam and our Minecraft server, but the Furry section has a forum Roleplay area and will have its own section on the Minecraft server soon so you can have Physical roleplays.


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Hello all, my name is Veronica, and I'm looking to try spread the word for my new campaign. It's a massive Role-play site primarily focused on Furries which hopes to breach the gap between PbP roleplaying and a table top RPGs. It's a massive project which will allow you to build character stats, earn items and money, create homes, join events and even participate in solitary events such as hunting, foraging, mining, fishing etc.

The only problem is that we need more support! Both financially and just by letting your friends know! As a group of enthusiastic RPers I know how quickly we could help make this happen, so if you'd be willing, help share and support!




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Eden's Inferno is a post-apocalyptic Anthro and Feral role-play based in and around an abandoned city. The history and information is located below...

Come my friends, let me tell you a story... Yes, yes, sit around, in a circle now. Haggle's! Stop running about like a miscreant and sit down! Okay, do we all have a drink? Alright you loafs, how about some food so I'm not interrupted by your growling stomachs!

Ok, now that we're all settled down, we can begin.

It was many years ago when the first bomb dropped, it came down whistling, sirens roared across the city as the screams of humans could be heard, and the sound of thundering footsteps overtook the wailing alarms. Many sought shelter, in burrows built deep beneath the ground, but these bombs they dropped, they were too devastating. The city was decimated, the fallout that engulfed it rendered it uninhabitable by any form of life. Many of our elders thought that such devastation would bring a stop to the humans trivial wars, but they were wrong.

With force, humans from every side began to attack each other. The sky was filled with metal objects that fell towards the ground with hastening speed. Again and again the civilians sought refuge, trying to find anywhere they could that would keep them safe. Again, and again, they did not find a place that would keep them from death's icy grip, and he embraced them within his arms. The world was in chaos, the humans were chaos, and we, we animals, thrived.

We don't know why, or how, we managed to survive. Hell, I can't even tell you why we became bipeds as we are today. Some of our greater minds believe that our bodies adapted quicker to the world around us, due to the radiation speeding evolution along. Others believed that somehow the human DNA was transmitted to the young within the wombs by means of the chemicals and strange happenings from the blasts. As to what I believe, I do not know, what I do know is that we are as we are. We stand on our hind paws, and have grown what appear to be half hands, half paws. Our sensory receptors have dulled, and we are not as strong as we were when we were feral. However, we are more cunning than we used to be, as if freed to think so that we may survive in the harshest of these wastelands...

What of the feral though? Why do they still remain feral? Once again, we do not know for certain, though rumors have spread that their DNA holds some form of antibodies that has managed to fight off the evolution to some extent. They are by all means smarter now, and many of them are free thinkers, no longer bound by natures rules or held to a path set out for them. Be wary though, as some are still wild at heart, and the radiation has made them stronger than they were before.

Yet, do not be disheartened friends, make a toast that we are alive and thriving even when the humans lay dead. Many of our scouts have made sure that the bodies of the humans were removed from our beloved city. We have safe-guarded ourselves with defenses against the feral who are still held to the old ways and because of that are now dangerous to our ways of living. We, those that the humans deemed less than them, we, the ones who were not given a second thought upon our passing, we, have survived.

This is our land, Eden, we call it. Yes, it has it's dangers, but it was the last city to be destroyed, and as time has passed we have adapted to the fallout. We are safer here than anywhere else in this world. Find peace in this, as long as you are here, you will have a chance at life.

Welcome to Eden! We have both PG-13 role-play sections, as well as adult role-play locations (with admin approval of member). We have open job and pack positions for both Feral and Anthro characters, as well as moderator and admin positions open.

All art and images in our Biography section and site-wide non adult sections is safe for work and appropriate, and all art must have permission from the artist to be used on our site.


Roose Hurro

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magnoliarpg.freeforums.net: Home | MAGNOLIA

It's an intermediate to advanced anthro feline site (sfw, because it's proboards) set in a fantasy city that's a bit medieval but more rainforest themed. The felines are all of the same "superspecies" so they can all interbreed. You can play any cat that isn't domestic. It's only a few days old and I've been having trouble advertising (I guess it's niche compared to the rest of proboards haha) but it's totally open for registration!


me^^ Ijaron
hello everyone i have my own roleplaying site already in the final mode wich means i probably won't change anything at the design anymore i need active members and a few active mods please check it out i would realy apreciate it
it is an survival rpg forum where you get introduced to a dragon called "wisdom" on the homepage he will tell you about wilderworld and explain that he created the world and that it is a dangerous world, that it will be hard to survive especialy when you belong to one of the weaker creatures you need to teem up with othere in order to survive it also has a point system

wilderworld.yooco.de: Wilderworld