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Roleplaying Sites


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I would advise for someone with a strong antivirus to go back on the links in this thread and check which sites have been taken down since they've been suggested here or, worse even, taken over by malware. We're never too careful, and if that can prevent some computers being attacked by malware, it would be a valuable precaution.

As for roleplays, if you prefer instant-messaging to forum-posting, I found Discord was an excellent tool. I can't really link to any RP server I currently partake in over there, because they're mostly for me and my friends, but creating a public server there would be a good idea. (It's so easy to create additional servers, too, so it would be easy to create more places to appeal to each category of roleplayer. I have seen some links to Discord RPs here, but in most cases the invitations were expired.


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As for roleplays, if you prefer instant-messaging to forum-posting, I found Discord was an excellent tool.

I agree, Discord is easier to manage for rp areas than Skype is, But you normally still have to know someone in one of the groups, else you are just sitting staring at a blank screen. If you have friends who rp with you, and you can get them to move over to Discord, then great!


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I'll have to check some of these out. It seems harder and harder to find a good RP; the furry sites that used to host them have seem to have dried up; Furry to Furry was one I have many, many fond memories of. And, of people who could write well, had a sense of humor and fun, and were not ashamed of their inclinations. I'm not as sure where to look these days; it seems so many want RPs not based on uniquely created settings/plots, but existing, franchised sets of characters...which is fine; I pass no judgement. But I miss being able to find people as easily where we'd create our own little stories and worlds, and it's been harder and harder to find. I think, maybe, video games, as well, offer an easier, ready-made social outlet, and I do understand this...though, I still wish there were more furry RP sites that were diverse and active. And F-list, while useful in listing one's interests, seems a poor place to actually meet anyone to RP with, ironically.

If anyone has any m/m RP interests, check out my profile here, or on FA, shoot me a PM, I'd love to talk.

I tend to write in small/medium paragraphs, but, of course this varies, but what seems called for in a given story.
I thought I'd add my "own" (I'm a co-admin) forum here as well! It's an anthro sci-fi role-playing forum and free for anyone to join! We're pretty new as a forum but the admins have role-playing experience (at least over 2 years now). The url is: iristrinitywars.forumotion.com !

Hopefully some people will join us, we feel like our universe has a lot of potential for role-playing ideas, character development and inspiration for new characters, planets and species! Thanks for reading c:

Pax Cansilo

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Hello! I am Pax and my discord is set in a winter Lodge setting and is also looking for staff and users!
1. Do not harass others/ask for personal info
2. Do not use racism or sexism
3. Common sense
4. Do not spam/Carefully choose to send text walls
5. If you need help, ask someone!
6. If a problem arises, message a moderator
7. Do not advertise
8. Nickname an Age/Sex/Fur/Orientation

Roleplay, talk, make friends, find a family! Join us at our discord! Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers

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Hi everyone! Ignore the fact I don't have an icon, my Sona won't upload due to file sizes and I'm not photosavvy on a phone!

I do have a great community that has both a discord community with a SFW PG13 Roleplaying area and an Afterdark 18+ Roleplaying area. They monitor them both constantly to make sure nobody is being awful and breaking the law! They actually have a small legal team to help deal with things when it gets a bit.. Illegal. <3 Check them out if you want to!

Join the Furry Valley Discord Server!


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Hey I found this site recently that I thought u all might be interested in and would love someone to rp with me here. You can make your own pokemon fursona. A whole new twist to design your own POKEsona. Any weights allowed! Join the discord and join the fun. (just click the image and come on in)


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All of these forums are for all kinds of RPG?
I'm trying to find websites for BDSM RPG. If anybody knows one, please share. :)