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Rollplayer for hire



Hi i am a Rollplayer for hire NSFW or SFW i dont mind, I took acting in school and i can be Very good at what i do
Prices Vary on what the job is and how long you want me for PM me for details


Yeet My Meat
Can't even spell 'roleplay' right and you expect people to pay you.

Jackpot Raccuki

Vibing Raccuki
You may of took acting in school, but you seemed to of flunked English.

If I can get people who can write paragraphs (over 2k letters) for free and even have correct grammar, I'd expect if I'm paying for someone to RP with me that they can at least spell correctly, punctuate correctly, write over 10k words and even show "references" of their so called "acting", especially if you want people to burn money on you.

Heck if anything you don't need "acting" to be a good Roleplayer, just a decent knowledge of the English language not even "expert" levels of understanding.