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Rookie FAer Seeking Guidance


New Member
Hello, everyone! While I've been a member of the main FA site for about a year now, I haven't been on the forum part of it. However, I've recently considered getting a life-size plush done, but have a question to ask regarding a certain... feature I'm planning to include and am uncertain as to which section of the forum to post it in. Since it's a craft-based post, should I post it in Art and Illustration, or in the Fursuiting section since it's technically a life-size project? Any advice as to which section it should go would be greatly appreciated.


Lord of Potatoes
I don't know about which forum to post that question. Not sure where plush creators stand on that sort of thing. I'd think most plush artists see themselves less under the fursuit category since it's not a costume/wearable creation. But then again, would a number of fursuit creators also know about this content and have experience with it? I guess if you post in one and yield no answers, you can post in the other at a later date on your quest of knowledge.

Would this be a question for "People with experience buying such content" or a question for "People who make such content"? I'm only asking, because if it the former, then forums or a general post on main site might yield an answer, but if it is the latter it might be easier to find creators and ask them directly on FA Main site. When I have a question I don't have knowledge about finding related to products/topics, I tend to make an FA art submission asking people about it (make sure to tag your art). That's because people who often search for the content will most likely come across my question with a helpful or knowledgeable answer.