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Rough sketches and more


White Devil
So I have been beaten hard trying to animate someone's avi and I need a break.

I want to try emotion filled dynamic stuff so I can work on poses n shtuff. So here are the requirements:

Your own character

Some manners

A emotional experience that you have had be it happy, mad, sad ect- describe exactly how you feel (if you don't feel comfortable in the thread you may pm me on HERE please not my FA account)

Sketches will resemble this quality http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5901880

If you decide to do a trade that is equal then I will upgrade it to a colored sketch (Nsfw due to nudity NOT PORN) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5894443

Not first come first serve- I want to pick the deepest emotions. By posting you agree your character MAY be drawn and MAY be nude as I suck at clothes and would like to work on form for a while- so if you feel uncomfortable or cannot have nude please let me know and I will cover your fur.

1. Jared 80%
2. Waffels 40%

4. Term 0%
5. SA 0%
6. RF 0%
7. Rap 0%
8. AK 0%
9. Psy 0%
I will keep working on these and accept more as they come along. KEEP CHECKING BACK as I WONT hunt you down. They will go up on my fa so watch there if you want an instant update.
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My weasel character Jared. I don't have any pics of him, but I can describe him.

He's a skinny pink weasel with purple and green hair. He looks a bit manic, with green markings on his wrists and ankles.

There was once a moment in my life I'd felt I'd lost more than I ever could. So much grief, anger and just feeling weak and powerless over everything. I'd lost multiple relatives and a friend in the space of a week. Yeah, not pleasant, but that was probably the most emotional time of my life, so if you take a shot at that, it'd be appreciated.


I'm a gryphon thing.
I suppose my bird, Leuphe... http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5612295/
And for an emotional experience? I dunno, I've been fairly blessed in the fact I haven't lost any of my close family. However, a few weeks ago, I was told that one of the leaders in my scout troop, one I had really connected with, had taught me ALL about wilderness survival and first aid, had died from a battle with cancer. It was the deepest sadness I had ever felt. I just felt like locking myself in my room and staring at the first aid kit he had given me when I first joined the troop. But instead I tried to swallow it, letting myself cry and cry, not caring that my friends saw me. I still wish I had known earlier and was able to tell him goodbye.
OH RIGHT, and thank you!
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The future Mrs. Schmuck
Character: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5941851

Emotion: Betrayed by my dad. It felt like he'd ripped apart my very soul when on my ninth birthday, he forgot to pick me up and take me to dinner, just him and me. That was the first night I cried myself to sleep, in my mom's arms, and the last night I ever trusted him.

Manners: Thanks for offering free art, DD. <3 It's amazing how you manage to do this with a baby.


Until Victory, Always
Not sure if you're still doing this, but if you are... :)

Character: Raphael, www.heymynameisjohnny.wordpress.com

Emotion: Pleasure. The overwhelming feelings of being swept away by the rhythm of the guitar chords, the pounding of the blastbeating drums, the energy of the band I'm watching on-stage, the organized confusion of not knowing where the next note will strike, being completely absorbed within my head, guided by the music... that's my favourite emotion.

Manners: ALWAYS! <3 Thanks for consideration.


Well, my Terri is in my sig.

As for a situation. There was a time, a little over a year ago, I first confessed to my boyfriend that I really liked him and I was super sacred that he was going to say that he didn't like me back. He said though that he had liked me since he first saw me and I was so happy. So I guess the emotion could be a mix of shock and pure happiness.

Thanks for the consideration~


the face of a thousand faces
Still doing them. I will take a bit more before I decide to close.

okey doke then! well if you're interested, I would love one of my chara Rita in your style please. ref is in the sig

Emotion: Pure Hatred/Anger. The kind where you are so unbelievebly angry that you're alomst laughing at the thought of causing destruction. I've only ever felt that way once, but it was extremly powerful. I was so angry that I was about to strangle that person made me burst into this terrifying laughter. I scared everyone around me, including myself.

I hope that wasn't too vauge. I seem to have a problem with that nowadays. lol But thank you so much for your consideration! :D


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PM'd due to not being proud of emotional experience
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The future Mrs. Schmuck
Damn, DD, good work! Kinda shows how I was trying to hold it together as the last few hours of my birthday counted down. :c


Weeaboo in the works
I'll give it a shot. x: Thank you for offering, and any considerations.

Character - (Mature for nudity) http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5241278/

Emotion: Stressed/Unamused
Lately I've had sh*t for luck in real life, and I've been saying "of course" "mhmm" "yep", and sighing, a lot, just expecting everything to go wrong. From little things to spilling drinks to crushing my finger with a service mast, it's been "awesome". /sarcasm Not to say that my life is horrible or anything, it's just been a streak of one thing after another in the past few weeks.

It might not be a loud emotion, but that's how I've been the past while.


White Devil
List is updated. I may keep this open indefinitely though doubt I will take everyone like I have already. Sketches will resemble Gaz's character. A touch of color or if the emotion is extreme enough a light full color.


the face of a thousand faces
List is updated. I may keep this open indefinitely though doubt I will take everyone like I have already. Sketches will resemble Gaz's character. A touch of color or if the emotion is extreme enough a light full color.

thx so much for adding me to the list! :)


Scurry, Sniff, Flinch
Oh, no, no human. It's an alien. ^_^

Character: Dalira http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5953444

Another reference: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v651/BabyJoan/My Art/turianexamplecopy.png

Emotion: Abused

My story involves my mom's ex husband. I ended up in the hospital due to an emotional breakdown. I lost my sight, hearing, taste, feeling ( my entire body was numb ) and speech. The doctors put me through every type of exam you could possibly think of...they couldn't find anything. This man controlled everything...if I didn't do something he wanted or how he wanted it, he took everything from me. Since he took care of everything my mother couldn't say no or help me, hell I doubt she knew about all the shit I went through. I spent nearly two months in the hospital. All this happened to me in May 2006...I did not get back to normal until December of that same year.


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If you don't mind, could I volunteer Taariq?

Emotion - Neglected

Back in October, I had an argument with my parents about my boyfriend. I cursed at them for the first time, and well, got beaten pretty badly over it. When my dad confronted him and told him not to talk to me anymore, he looked me dead in the face and denied that he even knew me. I'd sacrificed a lot for him in the two years we were together, and he threw that all away. I was so angry with myself for letting him rip out my heart like that, and for the second time too.

Oops, I forgot my manners, so sorry sir (or ma'am), but thank you for your time and consideration.
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