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Rp anyone?

Bjorn Potato

New Member
Heck I thought I'd give this a shot too. I'm just looking for someone to either join my server and me to get to know them or just to do stuff from the start. And by stuff i mean casual rp, erp, gaming, chatting, helping each other with problems in their life. Whatever of sorts. I'm practically looking for friends and I mainly use discord, but I do have Skype that I sometimes use.
But discord's better.
All I want to know of you is your age, in case stuff gets kinky/nsfw, and your time zone so I can get ready for you. I'm 19 myself and from Romania, but I mainly prefer talking in English. Anyone up for that, message me. Or we can talk the particularities of it here. Either way, everyone's welcome.


Its not the human race, its just the human race
In seek of companion(s)? Look no further, adventurer!

You can never have too many friends so if you want I'd be happy to chat and stuff.