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(RP canceled)

PC Master Race

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The bat-mouse nurse takes a deep breath, with a tiny pincer holding a piece of cotton, soaked with insectide.

Mina : Alright... hold still big guy.

She then goes to remove the bandages around the ferret's body. Because of his rather messy fur, the bandages pull the fur out with them as well... and it's definitely not the best time when there are open wounds. So, rather than doing it slow, she tries to make it quick and just... rip them off once she has a clear opening, as fast as she can.
Also letting out squeaks whenever her tail is squeezed. That's when she knows how painful it must be for him.
Thankfully there aren't too many of those "rips"... but the real pain is when she tries to hold the pieces of cotton at the wounds, and the insectide coming in contact with the wounds are definitely not the most pleasant times in the world.
Once again, another series of her squeaks whenever her tail is squeezed, but it's not long before the ferret is all patched up properly.
She looks at his paw holding her tail, giggling a bit in hope to relieve the mood and pain.

Mina : Welp there goes my tail...
Rai nodded, gritting his teeth as he clung to her tail, bracing himself for the pain.

But it's far worse than anything he's felt before.

He winced and whimpered from the stinging pain when she goes and snatches off the bandages as quickly as possible, mainly to make sure that the slow and extremely pain isn't enacted. Still, it hurts with no regard, and he squeezes the tail hard, but not too hard. It's an agony that most cannot put into words, yet he endures for the sake of proper patching up.

He gave another gasp, followed by a muffled shriek of pain once the insectide, letting out a whine of agony as he clutched her tail rather hard, but made sure, like last time, it wasn't too hard.

The pain alone has the ferret shaking like a leaf, but he did his best to remain as still as possible.

Once it was done, and the fresh bandages were applied, he gave a small sigh of relief, relaxing once more, the slight tingles from the insectide only bringing mild discomfort.

"T-Thank you....," Rai heaved, wiping the perspiration off of his face.

PC Master Race

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The nurse giggles.

Mina : Look at you, big soldier. Being tough every time.

She gently grooms the fur on the ferret's forehead, then gently pets on his tail.

Mina : Alright, that's about it. We're almost back to the HQ... I'm sure we have a lot of questions for each other, so take all the time you need to rest, alright ? If we plan to save your friend from... wherever this "realm" is, then we'll need your full concentration. But that only comes AFTER your body is all good first.
Rai smiled happily from this, swishing his tail from the light grooming upon his head, giving the bat mouse nurse a small, cheeky fanged grin.

It always was nice when the wholesome moments applied themselves into the strenuous elements of reality, as it tends to satiate the overwhelming rush of obligatory suffering.

Yet again though, true suffering was one that wasn't experienced, at least, not as far as the ferret saw.

There was still a hopeful light which illuminated the way before the paths of darkness, but even so, there's always treacherous, perilous realities that mix with the discord of abnormality.

Rai merely hoped that this fate wasn't bestowed upon anyone, even his worst enemy.

Still, he was glad to have Mina by his side, even if the time to rest was a short spell. He knew that his energy would be paramount for the professional operation of recollection and immediate exfil for his friend, but he had worries and doubts, cast upon him by the sheer essence of the time he spent in there.

Would he manage to find him before the inexorable occurs?

Would his mind still be collective and rational?

Surely the monsters of nightmare fuel haven't consumed his dear ally?

Were the other survivors out to get him as well?

Rai pondered these thoughts, the rest of the nurse's words drowned out by the epiphany of his sorrows and deluded thoughts. Like a drug, the doubts of Rai's successful recovery in time spread about his frail mind like a plague, and he had to decide whether or not to try to be the betterment of his doubt. Surely, comeuppance wasn't the outcome for all situations hell-bent on destroying the very fabric of reality and civilization.....

Or t'was it true?...

PC Master Race

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Once the ambulances arrive, with the town in sight, Mina and other medics take Rai into the hospital to be treated properly. At least, in terms of physical health...
Otherwise, whatever he just endured must have been the kind of unspeakable waking nightmare that mortal tongues can never describe... but, at the same time, it's a strange urge to drive one's intent, to go back right into the place of horror, in hope of saving the allies trapped in there... or at the very least, knowing what has become of them.
For now, their priority is his well-being. A survivor from a realm of madness...
(A little reference of what I meant by he came back from the other world. Supposedly, a Dark Aether like area.)

As they treated the ferret who had underwent horrors beyond mortals, he sat there, surprisingly at peace. The treatment was not all that he was focused on.

As he drifted into a peaceful slumber for once, he imagined that horrid place once more. But it was both horror.....and one of forbidden beauty.

The landscape of this place seemed shrouded in a mythic purple, and unknown creatures and monster towering as tall as the sky roamed around this vile land, yet sacred in their texture.

Whatever a place, it sure held dark secrets...