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RP for "hire"

Rose McCoy

I probably hate it.
If you need a companion for your rp, whatever the subject, just PM me. I have 3 fursonas that I can play as. It dosent aactually cost enything by the way :p Ill also ggladly play eny character thay you knead that is not mine, the 3 are just the ones I made.

Rose McCoy
Purple coy wolf with green eyes
Cynical, outgoing, kinda a dick.
for fantasy she is a bard
for modern she is in college to be a teacher
for sci-fi she is a space pirate
she is the only sona who I will not allow in a sexual rp.

Red dagoness with yellow eyes and orange belly
Tall, experienced, smooth talker.
for fantasy she would be a pyromancer
for modern she is a police officer
for scy-fi she is an assassin
sex is ok

all white werewolf with red cloak
mentally imbalanced, prone to mood swings
for fantasy she is an archer
for modern and scy-fi she is a vigilante
sex is ok

pm me for rp
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