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(RP) Raising Fur (Open) (SFW Raising a Baby Fur to Adulthood RP)


The year is 2020. The first animal human hybrids to survive to birth were created a year ago. Just this year, volunteer parents to be have been chosen to care for the first generation of these 'furries'.

Mentions of breastfeeding are allowed.
You may not mention anything obviously sexual. If you wouldn't say in front of an 10 year old, it doesn't belong.
Violence is allowed.

(Note - The message at the top will change as time passes in the roleplay goes on.)

This is a roleplay where you are a human raising a furry. You can be yourself raising your fursona, your human OC raising your animal OC, or even a human raising your IRL pet as a furry!

Human Character Form -
Full Name -
Gender -
Are they in a Relationship/Have a partner of some kind? -
Other -
Once you have gotten your form accepted, we can roleplay your human character applying for a furry child via PM.

When 3 people (not including myself) have applied, the main roleplay here in the thread will start!