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Rp thread (starship yifferprise )


Inglorious Bastard


Kitsune of the PC Master Race
Sir, I'm getting anomalous readings in the vicinity of Uranus


The hatred of FAF personified
I am a Jefferson Starship. My music is terrible and I have blue eyes. We are going on an adventure!

[am I doing it right guyz?]

Rouge Artist

I am not the answer
*BEEP* Commander Rouge to Houston, do you come in? I'm.... uh.... coming across a odd ship, could possibly be a space station of some sort. Anything I should know about?

*Beep* Commander, this is Houston. I am not aware of anything like that in your path. Can you do a O2 guage check for us, we want to make sure that your main O2 tank's not running dry out there.

Yeah Houston, I'm not hallucinating or making this up.... but I'm looking inside the ship and i'm seeing a bunch of.... furries I think? And it appears that their wearing star trek uniforms. I'd.... uh... I'd really rather not say what else i'm seeing right now.

*beep* Uh yeah Commander, I'm gonna have to ask you to switch over to your reserve tank. And also... get back into your ship! your not authorized for any spacewalks during this mission.

(alright, I just couldn't resist the urge to post something here. might as well, right?)


Pepmurrmint Fox
Captains log the orgy went as expected we are stoping at hungworts for refueling and decrusting old man mika has somehow managed to get impregnated further study is needed.