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hello there! i'm looking for some rp partners. i mostly enjoy rps with nsfw and adult themes, so no underage people here, please! i'm a literate/semi-literate roleplayer (and, don't worry, i use caps correctly when i'm roleplaying) and would prefer the same from my partners. though i love nsfw, i prefer story-driven rps rather than just plain sex-driven. i roleplay on discord or other instant chats like f-list.

at this moment, i only have one oc. his name is Edyn and he's a cat, though he can be played as a female, too. Edyn is, in layman's terms, a tsundere brat.
when he's a boy i prefer to play him with males, though females with male genitalia are welcome. when he's a girl he can be played with any sex. you can check out my gallery to see art of him- nsfw warning.
i would love to make ocs with other people, too! it's fun to headcanon and create characters together, in my opinion.

since Edyn is basically a blank slate at this point, he can fit into any and all themes and scenarios. i'll pop in a few ideas to get your brain juices flowing. of course, if you have any ideas of your own, i'd love to hear them!

Fantasy: I enjoy medieval-fantasy settings a whole lot. Edyn could be a royal bratty prince(ss), or perhaps he's a new slave on the market. He could be an adventurer facing off against a great evil or monster.
Modern: These settings are fun, too! Really, anything could work. I'm a fan of gangs, or club settings. Anything is possible in a modern setting.
Sci-fi/future: To be honest, I don't play in these sort of settings all that much, so I don't have any ideas for them. If you have any, shoot them my way!

thank you for taking the time to read all of this! if you're interested- and i hope you are- maybe shoot me a message with an oc you have in mind? and then we can get things started!


Interesting. What are some of the platforms you use? The only ones I have are the forums here and the Furaffinity note system