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Ruen the Hellhound - critique and tips.


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Hey guys, I started my Fursuit last week and since it's my first I thought it might be useful to post my progress online.

~Ruen is a female hellhound 'puppy', so she won't get her horns until she matures (much to her displeasure!) She has a scaled silver face with dark green and white hair streaked with red which indicates her elemental affinity for fire (And electricity when her horns grow in)

In the underworld, hellhounds are bred to perform certain tasks - for which they show promise, shall be bound to that task and a demon master for eternity.

Ruen, with her fire attribute is a Guardian; guiding new and lost souls safely to the underworld, so she is commonly seen above ground.

As Hellhounds often have more than one puppy, Ruen has two brothers, Suture and Smite.

Suture the oldest, is a Runner, or Hunter - A hound that tracks and drags escaped souls back to the depths, wayward demons are also at his mercy.

Smite is the youngest, untried and a great pain in the tail according to Ruen.~

Any critique regarding my fursuit head will be greatly appreciated, and feel free to ask questions regarding the character or concept, thank you for your time.
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Sorry about that, I had to make a photobucket account since my pics couldn't be uploaded! xD

It's a bit of a mess, but the pics with the fluffy hair are the most recent, the fully furred one was a prototype and I haven't installed the jaw yet.