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Guidelines: Rules and guidelines


Inglorious Bastard
To keep this place looking nice and clean (lul) here are some guidelines:

•All posts and pictures must be PG rated and cannot be ungodly huge (500X500 or more). If you must post a extremely large photo, link it.
•Please be respectful to the people asking for and giving critiques, even if the critic is being "honest". We are not a place for asspats, but that doesn't mean that insults will be tolerated. Keep it clean, civil, and tactful.
•Posts and threads must be easily viewable and that means no excessive fancy fonts or colors. If they are "tacky", I will edit out the font and change it to standard.
•Threads that are looking to commission and sell must go to the Furry trading post. People looking to peddle their wares, or brute force commisson (i.e. Someone asking for critique and you are attempting to sell them a fursuit, or tell them to commission you instead) will not be tolerated and may result in an infraction.
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