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Guidelines: Rules for the Furry Trading Post


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Welcome to the Furry Trading Post. The following is an explanation on what this area is, how it works, and how to gain moderator approval for posting threads.

What is this place?

The Furry Trading Post exists for people to hire people, or advertise yours services for the following: Fursuits, Cosplay, Jewellery, Props, or other general apparel that is public appropriate.

How does this place work?
The way this sub-forum works is different than other areas. Threads posted do not automatically go live. They must be reviewed by a staff member first, and then the staff member must manually approve the thread in order for it to go live.

How do I get my thread approved?
If you want to see your thread approved you must abide by the guide-lines set up in the rest of this document. So take a short time to read the following, and don’t be afraid to private message a staff member for any clarification. The mods to pm are Taralack or Ozriel.

What if I don't get approved? How do I know?

You will know that you were denied approval when you received a private message stating thus.

Guidelines for Hiring
  • State exactly what you are looking for
  • State a general budget range
  • State a deadline if you have one
  • Link your references if you have some

Guidelines to advertise services in a stand-alone thread
  • All items offered must be of average quality, show good workmanship, and be made from appropriate materials, and have proper symmetry.*
  • You must have at least 3 examples of each type of service offered (e.g. 3 heads, 3 tails, and/or three fullsuits)
  • You must link each example in separate links in the thread (do not just ask people to go to a gallery to see the examples)
  • State what services you offer, where you are willing to ship, and payment options
  • Have a general price list posted within the thread.
  • No personal reasons are to be listed within the thread. Charity causes are the only exception to this.

*We hold suit makers to a higher standard. We are not doing this to be mean. It is not hard to meet the minimum requirements so long as you are using appropriate materials, appropriate techniques, and your work has appropriate symmetry. If you want to learn more about some of our standards this thread is a wonderful tool: http://forums.furaffinity.net/threa...S-AND-TUTORIALS-A-LIST-FOR-NEW-FURSUIT-MAKERS as it lists a long line of known areas to find materials, and also has a good buildup of what to use, and what not to use.

Guidelines to advertise in a thread looking to be hired:

  • You need to be able to meet the requirements for making a stand-alone thread in order to advertise to be hired. This does not mean you need to have a standalone thread made.
  • When advertising to be hired in thread, you must link to a gallery that has 3 examples each of what the person is asking to be made. If a person wants a head, you must link a gallery that shows at least 3 heads. If you are offering to make a prop, your gallery should have at least 3 props of that kind of nature, etc.
  • As above, we will not allow personal reasons to be listed in a response, unless it is for charity causes.

If you are caught offering to be hired and you do not meet the requirements, you will be infracted and your posts will be deleted. Again we are not doing this to be mean, we simply seek to create a better environment where people can hopefully feel more comfortable advertising to sell/be hired and or offer to hire/commission.

Going into other people's threads advertising threads offering to advertise for yourself or others will be an infractable offense and can be cause for your own thread removal and as well as a removal from the maker sticky. Conduct your business within your own thread, and take intimate details to a private messaging service.

Disclaimer: It is not the responsibility of the FAF staff to keep tabs on both the buyers and sellers. It is up to you (the buyer and/or seller) to keep up with your payments (the buyer) and your work (the maker). If you feel that a person is not following on their end of the deal, I suggest going to Artists_beware on livejournal, also keep tabs on your emails and Paypal invoices should an issue arise.
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