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All info is also in this link but for ease of use I copied everything below~
Full TOS ^ however it is incomplete
Will’s and Wont’s
A little list of things I am comfortable/willing to draw and those I am not.

Will draw:
-Some Mech (If it's super complicated please ask me first)
-NSFW/nudity/bondage themes
Won’t Draw:
-Ferals/feral nsfw
-Large body sizes (super muscular/very heavy characters, though some muscle/chub is fine~)
-Most fetishes/hyper/excessive fluids
-Illegal acts
-Heavy gore
-Vehicles and complex machinery
-Eyeburn characters (i got eye strain)
Love Drawing:
-Male characters
-Unique, odd, and complicated characters
-Gothic and dark themes

To-Do List:
I keep everything here up to date and properly labelled

Pose Library:
Body type changes are always available. While I can change body types on any pose shown, I am unable to do large muscles or heavier characters as I am still much less experienced with larger body types. I like to have a big library of poses to choose from so I make a lot of them using a simple rigged model that I customized, then I quickly sketch over, and refine in my style. However, if you want me to make a specific pose not shown in the available library just let me know! I would be happy to make one new pose for you :)

Basic Ref Sheet will contain:
-SFW Fullbody front/back views on the chosen pose
-Color palette
-Character nameplate and info (like this: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/40499333/ )
-Semi-abstract background that will match your oc in theme and/or color somehow, I'll make it look nice
-Watermarked and unwatermarked version of the ref sheet usually at least 3500px on its shortest side (depends on pose sometimes but nothing much smaller than this typically)

Please comment or contact me in some way first to reserve a slot, I take ref comms one at a time so I can maintain my workload better

Order Form:

(fill out and send to me through dm on whichever site you are ordering the commission from, for any category that doesn’t apply to your commission simply leave blank or write n/a)

Username: (your username and recipients name if this is a gift)
PayPal email or cash.me Account:
Twitter: (if available; handle I can tag when uploading on Twitter)
Pose: (check pose library for available ones~)
Large Character Traits:
Alt Version:
Text: (any text you want on your ref, name, age, orientation, personality, etc.)
Character References: (all links you would like to show me, or an image album)
Extra Info: (Whatever info you want to add! Not much at all or a couple paragraphs of description is great~)
Base Price: $140-180
Unclothed sfw (or lightly clothed) 180 degree flip front and back view (price depends on character marking complexity, additional prices may occur if you want a fully clothed front and back with more complex clothing designs. Be aware that if you want a nsfw version on a character that is fully clothed, that may entail an additional fee, look under alt versions for more info)

Large Character Traits: +$10-20 per trait
Some characters have unique traits that may make them more difficult to draw, a few of which listed here~
Large Wings- +$15-20 (small wings can be added with no fee)
Extra Set of Limbs- +$10
Extra Head- +$20

Outfits: +$40-70 per outfit
An outfit addition on the base’s front facing pose, outfit complexity will determine additional prices. If looking for an outfit on a separate pose than that of the original front-facing pose then look below in the Large Add-On section.

Alt Versions: +$15-40+ per alt
Prices vary depending on the type of alt version (ask if you want something that isn’t listed below)
NSFW- +$20-30 (no hyper, price for unclothed or simple clothed characters)
Basic color/marking changes- +$15-25
Advanced color/marking changes- +$30-40
Alternate forms- +$30 or more (like a demon form for example, must still fit on the original poses, if it’s a character with a drastically different alt form, other pricing options can be discussed)

Small Add-Ons: +$10-50
A variety of smaller add-ons for your ref sheet, if you want something not listed here, just ask!
Eye-View- +$10
Hand/Paw View- +$15per
Mouth/Tongue- +$15
Genital View- +$15-20 (available on nsfw alt version)
Small Items- +$15-25 (trinkets, simple items, items around or smaller in size than a watermelon, etc.)
Headshot- +$35-45 (neck-up)
Bust Shot- +$40-50 (upper chest-up)

Medium Add-Ons: +$30-70
A variety of medium sized add-ons for your ref sheet, if you want something not listed here, just ask!
Waist-Up- +$50-60
Thigh-Up- +60-70
Medium Items- $30-40 (small weapons, instruments, items larger than a watermelon but not much bigger than half the characters height, semi-complex items, etc.)

Large Add-Ons: +$70-90+
A variety of large sized add-ons for your ref sheet, if you want something not listed here, just ask!
Fullbody- +$70-90 (half of whatever the base price is, if there is an outfit on these additional poses, that will affect prices a bit)
Large Items- +$45+ or more (large items, complex items/weapons, weapons the same size as the character, etc.)
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