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Russian Gadget Hackwrench Religion



Listed as the 4th most bizarre religion in the world.


Sometimes really weird cults born, like this one the Sect of Gadget Hackwrench one.

“She is the divine being, the most untouched and perfect sibling of the great God on Earth”, say one of the participants. “Why I love her? It’s stupid question, how I can’t love the Godess?”. “She is strict, cute, optimistic and her level of technical knowledge is unachievable for a mortal being.” those are just a few of the testimonies of the sect followers.

And if you didn’t recognize the hero - that’s a Disney mouse cartoon.


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Better then ever!! ...Right?

~Hides in a corner muttering "Dont ever go to russia, dont ever go to russia"


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I can think of a very good use for that fire they're wielding.


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Ah, Russians. First, Marx and now this. *hums a few bars from a Cult of Personality*

Marx was German, you dunderpate.

Hey, by the way, in Soviet Russia, Mouse wrenches YOU!!!

Actually, those shrines to Gadget make her look so adorable... I just hope the church of Rebecca Cunningham doesn't send bombs their way.


No way! No fucking way! I have seen individuals who take a Gadget obsession too far, but a whole cult? This should be generations of shaming, outing and naming front page news!


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I just want to know how old those sweets are. I can't imagine them being very new.


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Meh, not as conceited as the Avatar otherkin.

At least the Avatars contribute something positive to the world with all their environmental friendliness.

Unless Professor Nimnul is on the loose I wouldn't count on these losers' help.


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Ive lost all hope in humanity
edit: Ive lost all hope in Russia.


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Looks like Russia wants in on the crazy Cults 0_o


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If I can say one good thing about this... at least Gadget doesn't tell a couple who don't freaking know right from wrong not to eat an apple and then blames them when they do eat it.

She doesn't tell anyone to slay their son for her.

She doesn't flood the hell out of the world and then off most of the survivors because of BUTTSECKS.

And I could go on... Maybe worshipping Gadget is a good idea. I'd doubt she'd cause an inquisition or a crusade.


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Meh, not as conceited as the Avatar otherkin.
Fucking treehuggers :V

Also RayO, why are you trying to derail?

I have heard of fans of a tv taking things to far, but this is just creepy.