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Sad fact about your fursona

Draakc from State Farm

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Isn’t that the point? Dāku has a sad story. I love her a lot, but she has had a troubled past. This is a sad facts thread, that’s just one of the worst.
Wellya I know its SUPPOSED to be sad

...its still sad

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My fursona was left at an orphanage a couple of days after his birth, and kidnapped by a trafficking organization when he was a kid. They weren't cruel to him or anything, in fact they were very nice. But they used him and other kids to smuggle contraband in town. Their reasoning? Who in their right mind would assume that a child is carrying thousands of dollars worth of stolen goods?

Rimna learned that what he was doing is wrong at an early age, but he didn't care, these people had become his family. That all changed one night when his curiosity got the better of him. There was a meeting of the leaders of the organization and he decided to eavesdrop. He was caught and they tortured him for a while, giving him a big scar across his face. The bad guys intended to kill him, but fortunately for the monkey, a team of black ops soldiers raided the place and killed almost everyone, saving the primate from certain death.

Said team of black ops soldiers discovered that the monkey had virtually no past, and he technically "didn't exist", as there were no records of him anywhere at all. He was a perfect candidate for their team, so after he recovered they gave him an option - join them and help them take down the rest of the organization and in return he'd get a new identity and a clean start, or spend the rest of his life rotting in a jail cell. The choice was pretty obvious.


Why is everyone talking about how their sona has depression or was a abused and I’m just sitting here like “Dāku is very complicated okayyyyy”


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My sona can't die. He has watched generations of his family live out their lives and die, which is why he severed ties with all blood relatives centuries ago. Because he knows he will literally outlive anyone he meets, with the exception of the rare few other immortals or deities, he is terrified of relationships on any level. He has no friends because he does not want to see them die one day. He fears falling in love the most, as the thought of having to watch that person die and then have to live with out them breaks his heart already. Having to live through it could possibly undo him.


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Arnak is immortal and fell in love with a mortal woman. At the time, he didn't know how to make her immortal so Arnak watched with sorrow as the love of his life withered with each passing year.

On the outside he seems cold and emotionless but inside, he's a wreck and wishes he could end himself.


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Zehlua has a hard time finding love. He's picky, difficult to please, and has left many broken hearts behind him. Zehlua has also been devastated by harsh rejections and breakups, namely finding out one of his boyfriends was already married with children! Through a combination of bad luck and bad decision making, Zehlua repeatedly gets the shortest end of the stick with his lovers.

Due to his outgoing nature and inability to completely shapeshift, Zehlua has a difficult time fitting in with his fellow hulderfolk. He has a long history of being mistreated by his own kind, leaving him feeling worthless and abandoned on a regular basis.


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Zehlua has a hard time finding love. He's picky, difficult to please, and has left many broken hearts behind him. Zehlua has also been devastated by harsh rejections and breakups, namely finding out one of his boyfriends was already married with children! Through a combination of bad luck and bad decision making, Zehlua repeatedly gets the shortest end of the stick with his lovers.

Due to his outgoing nature and inability to completely shapeshift, Zehlua has a difficult time fitting in with his fellow hulderfolk. He has a long history of being mistreated by his own kind, leaving him feeling worthless and abandoned on a regular basis.
tons of hugs


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Self harms, going on three years. "The tough one" of her friends and therefore keeps her emotions locked away. Is suicidal but the only thing that keeps her going is the thought that one of her friends, who she has fallen madly in love with, might one day develops the same emotions toward her. She's attempted suicide before but no one knows. No one but herself, and every night she cries herself to sleep wishing she had tied the knot tighter. She feels a constant emptiness that both emotionally and physically hurts, but she has gotten so good at acting and keeping her emotions in her 'obsidian box' (what she calls it) that you couldn't tell unless either a)she told you, or b) you feel or have felt the same way.

Like many others here, my 'sona is an extension of myself.
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Sakara lost his parents when he was ten, his mother he lost to an infection just under a week after she gave birth to his little brother, Kuveli. His father he lost a month later, he threw himself into a fast, rocky river one night. It pains Sakara greatly that he only ever could bury his mother, and that his little brother would grow-up never knowing their warm smiles or comforting voices.


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Jerzy was born in noble yet poor and pathological family. Living hell in the home, often starving and hiding in forests away from drunken father... at the age of 17 he impaled his own father to the door of their house with a pitchfork by the face... yet the old guy survived it! Yet grudgeful feline never forgave him despite the fact that he changed... and so did Jerzy. Creative feline died that evening yet the soulless body stayed only to join the army for a stray bullet to dig him a mass grave but... god had other plans for him! It seems like Jerzy found his call in the military by the age of 22 he was already married and with the rank of colonel! Everything was going great for him! By the age of 23 he already had a daughter! His trade company also brought him a good money! Did his life changed for better? Indeed...

Until the cold November night... his daughter had a flu for days already and because it was XVII century? She died finally, breaking the restored lynx once again. Week later his wife shot herself with his very own pistol... that was the end for him. Long road was ahead of him, last thing he loved was his fatherland thus he did not hanged himself yet.

Yet the desire to end his life on the end of bayonet stayed even now... 40 year old man, grieving and crying for his daughter...

And I as his author still deny him the peaceful earth...

And mourning bells are ringing


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LV had a very near death experience. Got tangled up in the pathway between living and dead worlds and managed to figure out how to travel on it, help out another soul and get themselves back, rewarding them with wings.

They’ve become so afraid of dying and the permanency of it that they’ve used their ability sure to help lost souls achieve peace but they’ve also used it to become a seriously powerful Necromancer and dark mage, targeting ferret souls to add to themselves and extend their lifespan. They’re currently an amalgamation of six ferrets, and have lost count after 300 for how old they are.


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For me it’s his past sexual abuse. Because I see my sona as an extension of myself I feel obligated to involve my own irl experience to my sona as it has shaped me.)

same idea here actually! my abuse had a really big impact on me that i can't separate myself from, and my brain's way of coping developed into hypersexualism, so my oc has ended up part succubus.

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K.C. is bipolar, but she's convinced that she's lazy/stupid and is merely pretending that something is wrong with her so she can get sympathy and spend her days doing nothing. She's "crying crocodile tears", so to speak. She constantly beats herself up over things that happened in the past and thinks she's utterly hopeless.

(My fursona is heavily based on myself, but in a way her species is symbolic of my perception of my mental illness.)


Last surviving member of her tribe. Badly abused growing up in an orphanage. She is very quiet, jaded, and does not trust easily as a result, and has explosive anger issues.


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*Possible Trigger Warning for Some*

Jake had a hard time accepting his sexuality from the time of awareness till he was around 22. At that point he stopped fighting the fact that he was gay. He spiraled down a pit of self hatred and despair and began to consume copious amounts of alcohol. That, also coupled with stress from working the streets as a Medic created a perfect concoction of the better part of a year and a half of most nights ending in becoming black out drunk. Toward the end of that year and half, Jake found himself alone in his house... drunk yet again. A note that had been cried over so many times carefully placed on the desk. Jake sits in the darkness of the living room. Loaded gun in his right paw, and a 750mL bottle of cheap vodka in his left. The only light visible in the room is from his cigarette that illuminates his face with each drag. Quiet tears stream down Jake's face as he keeps taking pull after pull from the bottle of vodka... Trying to get intoxicated enough to use the object in his right paw to be the last sentence in the note that he left on the desk. Hours passed before finally Jake realized he wasn't able to do it. He put the gun down, the bottle down, and burned the note. Jake began to heal, and began a long road of learning to love himself for all he is. After finally loving himself, Jake finally decided it was time to live his life for himself as an unashamed fox. It was the help of Jake's friends and other furs from a certain Fandom that helped instill the confidence to finally tell the world who he was at 28 years of age. Jake often looks back at those dark days, and knows that he was shaped from them and knows that it's all just a chapter in life that wasn't the end.

This is a piece of art that I had commissioned to express how that night felt and looked. The artist did such an amazing job of portraying the scene.

(art by BazylDisco)

Jake is my sona that is a representation of my IRL self. Hugs to all who have or are dealing with depression and self harm. I may not know you, but know that I love you. If you ever need someone to talk to, message me, and I am more than happy to chat!

Love you all!
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I sincerely never thought about giving my Fursona a backstory before but I do think a lot of the people posting here have genuinely tragic elements for theirs. (I tend to draw for fun and to relieve stress I hope that does not come off as shallow.)


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Drake saw both of his best and childhood friends die in front of him in an enemy ambush before a shell land next to him and he loses consciousness.

The Matte-Black Cat

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My fursona (myself actually) isn't what I was destined to be. I'm only dark and eerie because of how I was raised and treated by others, despite wanting to be as friendly as possible to everyone.

Some people get over it, but I don't. It's because I can't ever seem to grasp Why people are the way they are when it comes to "bullying", abuse, being theives, unfaithful, selfish, etc. I don't understand why or how people love hatred or actually like being unliked by someone. It's so confusing to me.
So I "give" people what they want. They don't want me as my original, open and social self, so I became dark - and express myself in a way to give others a hint.


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S.A.F.I Is an Animoid (anthropomorphic android) Who is consciousness was derived from her creator she’s an artificial intelligence that was created from the mind of a living creature... he knew the process would kill him.

He created S.A.F.I to be a force of positivity in the world with the motivation and the determination of the machine but with the compassion of a sentient being. A living machine who is core directive is to save life from its own self destructive nature.

As time has passed, S.A.F.I begins to see more and more of the cruel nature of the world in which we live. She cannot save this world, and she cannot prevent the inevitable self-destruction.

So she lives a lie. She lives her life with optimism... she lives her life bringing joy to those around her.... but she denies the reality that she can never save them....

She will be cursed to watch the world around her burn as creation rips itself apart.

She will be the last breath of life, cursed with immortality by the cold metal body which she inhabits.

Fortune does not favor the selfless in this twisted world,

and mercy does not favor the less fortunate...
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(he is not exactly a character but juste as n furry but here are the facts)

He had various traumatic experiences that made him forget about his childhood and recently a hyena and his friends ruined his life and he is still trying to get over it. Depression and anxiety are constant and provoked by those memories that keep haunting him.