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Sad fact about your fursona

Corran Orreaux

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Corran is eternally haunted/tormented by a malicious spirit of darkness that feeds off of his depression and fear. It doesn't let him ever sleep; he got it because he botched a necromantic ritual in hopes of talking to his late boyfriend one last time.


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He is a librarian in name only, stuck protecting a trove of knowledge that neither he nor any of the rest of his species is permitted to read. To top it all off, his society's strict government frequently cracks down on unpermitted exploring, one of his hobbies.


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He's a face


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my fursona suffers a bit from a lot of mental damage he dealt with when he was younger, like me.
there's.. honestly a lot of sad things that myself and my fursona share.


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Ohohohohhh man... I don't even know where to start.

He's a PTSD-riddled nervous wreck and emotional cripple with no living family members left after most were killed during the War, and to top it all off he had his leg blown off in combat.

I wasn't even explicitly trying to make a woobie, shit was just that bad in-universe.


Mine is a wannabe and sometimes is disgusted by her own existence. Desperate, a strong feeling of wanting to be special, turns on people's back through separation when hurt, and is just your normal statistic nothing good about her really, just, normal, self doubter all the way, can easily be manipulated,your normal weak person right here. Isn't odd? A normal person wanting to be special and a special person wanting to be normal.
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I’ve got a few fursonas (mainly I just can’t choose)

Asaroth is a sona who is supposed to represent the doubt in myself of who I wanna be. It was just this year I finally added asexuality to his list of what he was because his story is a story about following your heart but i’ve Yet got far to go with his story as I myself still tries to figure it out.
I guess that’s that to be honest

Rap Daniel

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Hogwarts students fear Rap, since he's a sharptooth.(yes im referencing the land before time. Deal with it! XD)

Scruffy Fluftail

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My fursona is still in development, but, sharing this with my own real life, my sons lost a lot of people in short time and sometimes acts a bit bipolar (actually AD/H/D)


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Jerzy was born a noble yet a poor man into patological family. His young years he spent mainly hiding in woods away from drunk parents. At the age of 17 he joined the army as lisovian cavalryman. His militaristic expertise made him rank up quickly and by the age of 22 he was already married and with a child, him as colonel? Money was also not a problem

Cold November night... his daughter stopped breathing, flu took his only source of happiness away from him. 1 week later his wife commited suicide with his own gun. Completely devastating him. He started to drink... a lot throughout his life. Atrocities he saw on wars burned in his mind with caputal letters. At the age of 41 he returned to his home... and killed his parents with cold blood but with a reason.

At the age of 60 an accident happened on a battlefield. He lost both of his legs, ending his career but leaving him with a fortune but lonely man. 3 years later he could not take it. He still could not accept that his family is dead. All friends also left him... in a basement he drank himself to death while crying over paintings and children drawings that his daughter made. The soul left his body along with breath of deranged alcoholic but... his story will continue, unawarely he made a kid to prostitute years earlier. Now he is with his wife and daughter again and the kingdom he served for will remember him for centuries to come as Hetman Jerzy "Thronebreaker" Rysiecki.

I wanted to give him some good time at least after his death

Scruffy Fluftail

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My fursona lives in a dystopian world where he and his friend (a coconut crab) are trying to resist against a tyrannical leadership, taking them from their desert wastes homes to frozen wastelands

He is often untrusting an. Can be rather rash and reckless.
Also lost his mom to bomb that scarred him under his fur in places when he was three


Cleo doesn't really have any dark secrets or sad facts...
Fleet (an old 'sona) is kind of hated by most of her family, except for her sister. Oh, and then there's Mirror, someone who always watches her through every mirror and haunts her, basically.


For my fursona the sad fact is that whilst he was was training for his position in Everglow all of his family except his brother were killed in a rebellion insurrection.


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Beebo had the flesh on his face ripped off, but it healed back, so now he always hides in the face of danger. [No pun intended]


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He was originally human with some magic abilities. Due to his tendency towards magic he was cast out at a young age and became an unstable mess causing fierce storms and hurricanes. His powers were later bound by a coven of witches to prevent destruction leaving him unable to speak. Afterwards leading a semi normal life until he joined the army to protect his home from oncoming invasion. He was killed in a war protecting children from his village. He was rewarded for this by being reborn as a dragon, magic restored to him but not his voice.


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Xith is infatuated with a beautiful rat girl who is afraid of him and rejected his advances because he's a snake.


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She WAS really smart and talented in high school, but is now useless and introverted because of how mean everyone was to her growing up.