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Sad fact about your fursona


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Well.... hmm.... where to begin?... I guess if I had to pick one.

Has a level of self hate caused by past trauma.

I would go into detail of that. But I don't feel comfortable going into detail about that.

My fursona is as much me as I am him. So I can't give away one piece of information without giving away another piece of information.

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She never experienced what love is, which I guess is kinda sad but she's quite picky.

blue sky love

She cries when she hurts someone else's feelings accidentally and says "sorry" a lot

Alison Savros

Mine isn't exactly extinct due to being resurrected, also she's more of a mascot than a fursona, but I think it counts?
She's depressed a lot.
My old fursona, Daniel, was born with fur discolouration that made him appear red, a jaw deformation which gave an appearance of a permanent smile and had heart troubles which had him on watch for a couple of weeks before being released to be with his parents.
He was never recognised and acknowledged as a monster by his peers from preschool to college and intense bullying that led to his depression. His parents caught him killing animals and found out later he had developed schizophrenia, his brother was severely injured in a school fight and his sister was murdered by her abusive boyfriend when she tried to leave him. This left Daniel, begging every molecule of his body to disappear.
He wanted to burn.
He lost all of his will to live.
One day he was spotted standing still on some train tracks, and a train was coming towards him. He was rescued and sent back home.
This was when the parents knew what they needed to do. He was hooked up with a therapist.

For the next 3 years he got better and better and was on a stable rise to happiness.

But that all changes

When he was 26, his life came to a screeching halt when he was gunned down in a shooting when he was having a date with his fiancée.
His fiancée lived only to find out he had planned for the shooter to kill him. 6 days later she was found shot to death in her house.
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My fursona is extinct, too. He has a pathological fear of tar pits.


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Saddest fact about my character is that I'm her owner. Her story won't end up very well... :'D


Hmm one of my other sonas lykaon is feared by others because of his abilities (except by my others fursonas, especially a certain one who he is strongly bonded to).

And it pretty much affected his mental state in a bad way but he is slowly recovering.


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Steele is incredibly lonely and insecure, but covers it up with promiscuity and arrogance, and he really doesn’t know where his life is headed anymore

Also, he’s a monitor lizard that can’t swim. Oh the irony


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Trust issues, definitely. Her view of how society sees her has shaped her view of society itself. She's become more of a hermit more than anything, and doesn't really know how to enjoy life with other people...going so far as to blind one of her childhood friends just to have someone to speak with that she can trust. It's kinda morbid and sick when you think about it.