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Saddest movies, or movies that made you cry


Jetpack Jesus
A picture with a happy ending that made me cry was Apollo 13, specifically the scene when Odyssey contacted Mission Control after reentry. It was made all the more moving a scene by the fact that it really took that long during the real Apollo XIII crisis: Odyssey reentered on the shallow end of the corridor for her reduced mass (no moon rocks aboard), and that shallow entry kept her in the radio blackout zone longer than expected.

I love that movie and I always get a little misty eyed around the blackout part


On The Beach (2000)
Always gets me when he turns off the mains and goes inside to die.


smell-good badger

Go ahead and laugh at me.

I wouldn't blame ya, all the stuff about him blowing off his family for work and redeeming himself in the end was almost enough to shed a tear or two


Marley and Me.
I was sobbing, and ended up sitting outside by my dear deceased Pickle's grave, along with my sister, who was crying as well.

Homeward Bound I.
When Chance and Sassy are forced to leave Shadow behind in that.. mud-pit thing. I cried then, but I actually cried more whenever he re-appeared at the end, and ran over to Peter. I'm actually tearing up now that I think about that scene.


I'm a gryphon thing.
Ending of Miyazaki films. Mainly Spirited Away.
Eff, the man is a genious. <- Not like my spelling *gumblewheresmyspellcheck*
Ive never cried at a movie. not once.
Super embarrassing to say this but i nearly cried when Zabuza off naruto died. that was quite sad.
This is the saddest video Ive ever seen. -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRkgH7Uu-hA
I almost cried to that on several occasions.


Oh man.

After the first ten minutes, I thought it would be a great movie. I was so excited.

But then, I was in tears after the last few scenes.

Inglorious Bastards.


my name is lucifer, pleased to meet you.
Never cried at a movie, but Gladiator made me misty-eyed.


As a kid, the Lion King did. I'm man enough to say it. But that was pretty much the only movie that ever made me cry.

But really, the actual saddest movie was maybe Saving Private Ryan. I need to re-watch that movie now.


I'm a gryphon thing.
Oh, I forgot, but some of the Pokemon movies are like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BAWWWWWWW"
Yeah :u


Fresh Prince of FAF
so probably the list of movies I cried watching are

Toy Story 3
My Dog Skip (I was little)
Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back (I was VERY little)
and i would watch Saving Private Ryan with my Grandpa. Hed start bawling, cuz he went to war, so id shed a tear.


You could have had an I6
Ever seen
Pay It Forward
Only movie to ever make me cry, in my defense, I was little when I saw it, when it was first available as a rental


Ever After will always make me cry... :<

And I felt like looking for anime movies that have talking animals... and I watched Arashi no Yoru Ni two days ago. Sad, but good in the end. <'3


Boondock Saints II was the only movie that almost made me cry. It was kinda sad when The Duke died.

But so far, no movie has ever made me actually cry before.