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(Commission) Selling: SALE Animated Icon 15€


Hello everyone! My name is Callitza, I'm an illustrator, concept Artist and Game Design Student. :)
Currently I've got some freetime so I though about doing a little summer sale with 10 free slots.

Here are some examples:

I can draw creatures, furries, humans, humanoids and dragons.

You can choose a size at the beginning e.g 400x400 / 200x200 /…
I can't upsize them later. Downsize is possible but also tricky.

Befor I start to work on your Icon we are going to talk about what kind of animation you'd like to have.
Please descripe me the mood of your character. Do you want your character to blink, cry, smile? Furthermore for what kind of background animation are you looking for? Should it be simple, colourful, crazy?

I start right after the payment is on my PayPal account. I wont start if you don't pay me.

I take about one week to finish your Icon. I will do slighly changes after I sended you the finished product.

Please dm me on discord for more details: Callitza#8497
Email: Callitza@gmail.com

or write me a dm on this forum. :)